So why do we even need religious liberty laws to protect business from groups such as gays in the first place? Is it because several small businesses around the country have suffered due to refusing service to gays? Arizona’s bill had nothing to do with social or sexual preference. It had everything to do with the freedom of a business owner to run his or her business the way they choose. That liberty is a right that is guaranteed by the Constitution, not some federal court. Remember, the Constitution is there to protect us from the government; not from one another. That means that we have the power to close a business we consider immoral by using our feet.

Let’s explore this idea of government power and decision making, and the distinct possibility of citizens losing liberties if it’s not contained. There are many examples, but let’s start with a business term. The Icarus Factor, from Greek mythology, is a term used to explain what happens when management highly touts a program or product that ultimately fails. Let’s see, obamacare fits in that category, doesn’t it? The President is wrong on this one.

What about the Presidents insistence that inequality is a bad thing. Well, it’s true all people are not equal. And, if everyone were rich, there wouldn’t be inequality, would there? But, the way human nature works in guiding Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’, inequality is good and a motivation to work ourselves out of poverty. Without inequality, Jefferson would not have needed the words ‘the pursuit of happiness’ in the Declaration. The intention was to give us the freedom to pursue our dreams and become whatever we wanted. Be it a custodian at a university, like my great uncle, or a multi-millionaire like another uncle. The opportunity is there for all, but each of us has to work for it.

His argument only talks about rich and poor and doesn’t explain the inequality of the political class he belongs to. That class of the few that has all the government power to dictate how Americans live and how we must conform. The President is wrong on this one too.

The minimum wage is the latest talk and supported by most Americans. I consider it the wrong approach. Does that mean that most Americans are wrong? Yes. Pretty pompous, huh? Well, not exactly. It means that most Americans don’t understand what a minimum wage really does. You see, the left uses a weak, but popular argument that everybody should make a livable wage. And I agree. But not a wage that is determined by a few bureaucrats whose method is contrary to natural and tried and true, economic laws. Rather, wages should be determined, as they always have, by the market place and…the perceived value a person contributes to the job. This is the method that every youngster in America has learned at his first job in attaining the basic skills of working: showing up on time and completing the assigned tasks. Less than 1% of youngsters entering the job market stay mired there. They all progress up the ladder of work experience and earn higher wages. So why have a minimum wage in the first place? I don’t know. Oh yeah, the union bosses like them because they give them leverage in negotiating contracts with private and government employees. In the public sector, that means more taxes. The President is wrong on this one too.

What about the defense budget? The President is drastically reducing it. And that’s not a bad thing, unless it puts us at risk. And there are critics who say that will happen. I believe he wants the money to fund more social programs, but that’s for another time. So, let’s look at what it really is.

You’ve heard of the term, crony capitalism. Actually, I call them crony socialists, because the process is closer to socialism than capitalism. When the money of big business (self-interest) intermingles with the power of big government (law and enforcement), both participants win and the people or taxpayers lose. In fact, capitalism, free markets, and personal liberties, all lose. President Eisenhower warned us against this crony socialism with the military/industrial complex, but we didn’t listen and Congress intentionally ignored it because it suited their districts. Crony socialism at work. The President is wrong on this one too, but for different reasons.

What about the President’s Attorney General, Eric Holder telling states that they if they want, they can ignore certain federal laws. He said that this week. Or choosing not to enforce laws such as immigration.  Or assigning a political contributor to investigate the IRS’s intrusion into political groups they don’t like. The chief law enforcer in the country says that breaking the law is okay. The President is wrong on this one too.

Our President railed in Minnesota yesterday that Congress and the Republicans are holding the economy hostage. He said the only way to invigorate the economy is to invest in infrastructure. Only a person who’s never held a private sector job, met a payroll, or had to meet reams of regulations, would say something as nonsensical or wrong-headed as that. American individuals built this country, not government. The President has this one wrong also.

How long are we going to put up with this nonsense? This avowed push from capitalism to the socialism of Europe. Do we really want to change America into France or Greece? I say, emphatically, no.

The solution lies not in changing the faces in Washington DC, but in changing the culture in Washington DC. The only way ‘we the people’ can do that is through our state legislatures, encouraging them to sign an application for a convention of states. It’s either that or another bloody revolution. If you prefer the first option, join your fellow citizens at the Convention of States Project. Then SB 1062 would never have been needed in the first place. The government has to be reduced in power and jurisdiction.