Crony capitalism is one of Americas big problems. The Framers of the Constitution did not intend for big business corporations and unions to be governed by the federal government in exchange for protection. Businesses and unions should be allowed to function in the free market and not have the butchers heavy thumb on the scales of justice. There are plenty of Americans who are forced to pay dues even if they don’t want the union. Every American pays the increased consumer price of big government protecting big business and not allowing competition to drive prices down. Shame on us.

Crony-capitalism has been with us for millennium but the railroad expansion in the 19th century sticks in our crow the most. All of the railroad companies except one lived and died in that period with government help. The Great Northern, still in business today but under a different name, is the only rail freight and passenger company that went from the east to Seattle on its own dime proving that crony-capitalism is not a necessary teat if managed properly.