We the People own the United States of America. The government doesn’t. We paid for it in cash, labor, and our freedoms ultimate price!

By Mike Kapic – December 9, 2023

Local communities are taking back control. Here’s just two of several short videos found on the internet telling the stories of this small Michigan towns effort toward democracy.

This MI man is thankful for his neighbors in standing up and helping bring sanity back to their community.  https://www.foxnews.com/media/michigan-man-says-democracy-town-ousts-entire-local-government

Article V of the Constitution authorizes the National Government or the State Legislatures to propose changes to the law of the land and then final approval is by the State legislatures or the people in ratification convention. There are ways for the people to be involved with their local, state, and national government. We just have to Stand Up, Show Up and Speak Up!

Let Us Vote For FRA