You Say You Want a Revolution? 

By Rodney Dodsworth -February 29, 2016

Our governing system no longer serves its intended purpose, to secure the blessings of liberty.

A casual read of the Constitution reveals our government’s wholesale departure from it. Congress gaffs off or assigns its duties to craft legislation, determine spending, ratify treaties, oversee the executive branch, and regulate the judicial branch. Not being content with rewriting statutes, scotus increasingly elevates itself above God;  its Obergefell v. Hodges ruling is only the latest outrage among many. Executive branch agencies reflect the will of one man, Obama, and not congressional statutes. In response, there is a small but growing minority of Americans who believe revolution is our fate.

Yet, there is a peaceful way to stop and reverse our slide into tyranny.

First, we must get out of the mindset that one person, a president, can save us. We have slipped from free government precisely because power has become concentrated in the executive and judicial branches. The solution is to reverse this concentration of power, to diffuse power once again across fifty member republics, the states.

With these words, “The 17th Amendment is hereby repealed,” the Framers’ careful, vertical separation of powers would be restored. Instead of free-lancing, at-large senators responsible to nothing more than their reelections, the interests of fifty other governments would once again have a voice in the larger republic.

Would freedom be immediately restored? Of course not; one hundred years of rot cannot be reversed overnight, yet there would certainly be some instant benefits. Think anti-10th Amendment lawyers would have a shot at the federal bench? No way. Senators would no longer walk on eggshells in constant fear of the media, of a national PC Police always ready to make their electoral life miserable. Senators would be responsible to angry states fed up with open borders, EPA regulations and other administrative diktats too numerous to count.

Article V of the Constitution makes provision for the states to initiate this all-important structural change, repeal of the 17th Amendment that our nation so desperately needs. Once two thirds of the states apply, congress is to call for a convention.

When acting in our sovereign capacity in convention, there is no earthly power above We the People. Black chattel slavery was banned by Constitutional amendment. Along with the 17th Amendment, Obamacare and Obergefell can be repealed/overturned via Article V. So can Roe v. Wade.

Rather than roll the dice in armed revolt, and at best risk ending up with an Oliver Cromwell rather than a George Washington, We the People can go around the DC Uniparty, avoid violence, and calmly initiate the structural changes on which our freedoms depend.

There is little time to save the American Republic. Press your state assemblyman and senator to do their duty. The tools to save ourselves and our posterity are in our hands. Let’s use them.

Article V now! We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder.

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