If this is the future of America…Houston, we have a problem.

By Mike Kapic – September 28, 2023

What follows are questions posted on a national social media site regarding American civics at the national level followed by my replies. Even if there could be better responses, I invite you to stand up for our country with a ‘smarter observation than these weak questions indicate.’ It is a sad commentary on the very expensive education system we’re paying for in America—we’re being ripped off.

Q#1 What is more important, the US Bill of Rights or our entire United States Constitution (including all amendments)? Why? – September 7, 2023

They are both equally important because they serve two distinct and important purposes along with the first step toward liberty.

The Declaration speaks to who we are and where our freedom comes from. The Constitution is the blueprint of the design of our government and how we are to relinquish a small amount of the Declaration’s liberty to our employees, so they have some of our power to run said government. The Bill of Rights are the peoples and states protections from tyranny and abuse if our employees abuse our trust.

I’m saddened that more American’s do not understand the very basic makeup and the risks it took to produce this experiment that began leading us toward a more perfect union.

Q#2 Who has more power in America: The president or the legislature (Congress)? If not both, then who has more power? – September 2, 2023

Today SCOTUS has the most power. That’s the branch intended to be the weakest. The one with most power at the time of the Constitution was: We the People. We’ve lost that to politicians and special interests. Just follow the money.

Q#3 Where in the US Constitution does it give examples of state power? – August 30, 2023

Right off the top, you can begin with Article II, IV, V, and the 10th Amendment for starters. Remember, the Constitution today contains only about 7400 words, and it was written in the peoples language. Does that make it any easier to read compared to a romance novel with 80,000 words? And without the blushing?

Q#4 If a judge rules against the Constitution, can their decision be overturned? – August 12, 2023

That’s like asking if it is illegal for the sun to rise in the west? The Constitution is the baseline, the rule, the national Ten Commandments-if you will, the ultimate foundation of America under God, in place for judges to seek guidance and act regarding the legitimacy of a man-made law by Congress. Laws are secondary to the Constitution.

The Declaration, Constitution and the Bill of Rights are Americas Freedom Charters that define and protect the people and their God-given rights over the land and the governments of men. The people hire their employees, as judges, congressmen, executives to govern them by giving up a small amount of our liberty to allow them to act on our behalf.

When they abuse that authority by being tyrannical it is the responsibility of the people and their states to take action, per Article V of the Constitution, to correct that government.

Q#5 Is the entire federal government, the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme subject to checks and balances, or is the Supreme not subject to checks and balances, but wholly independent of the government and untouchable and aloof? – August 12, 2023

All three are supposed to be bipartisan or nonpolitical and to follow the checks and balances of the Constitution in serving we the people. Congress was to be the strongest, the Executive was to enforce the laws written by Congress and SCOTUS was to be the weakest and determine if the laws met Constitutional scrutiny.

Because of the abuse we the people have allowed to go unchecked in DC for a very long time, SCOTUS is the strongest and sometimes writes law while the Congress has usurped most of its power to both of the other branches. This is not the government the Founders blueprint created. It is a man-made, failing political mess.

There is a way to fix it, however, shedding a ray of hope for future generations. The people were given the primary power and we willingly traded in a small amount of liberty to be governed by the people we hire and pay, our employees, the governments. The first job of government was to rule by restraining themselves. The Framers of our blueprint enabled us to change the principle law of the land through the second clause of the Article V.

The people and their states can return the government to its original design. It’s your turn. Stand Up, Show Up, Speak Up!

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