Phoenix Correspondence Commission Meets, Adopts Charter

by Stuart MacPhail, November, 2019

During September 2017, 72 delegates representing 19 states (plus 4 states with official observers) met in Phoenix, called by the state of Arizona for the purpose of adopting rules for the conduct of a future Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA)-focused Article V convention of states.

That historic September 2017 convention was the first convention of states called by a state legislature to which all states were invited since 1861.  The 1861 Peace Conference, called by the state of Virginia and chaired by former President John Tyler, was an attempt to head off the civil war.  The Phoenix Convention was called as a step toward an Article V convention to propose a Constitutional amendment aimed at restoring federal fiscal restraint.  It took place just days after America’s national debt surpassed $20 trillion.  Today that debt approaches $23 trillion.

Over a period of 4 days in 2017 the delegates debated and unanimously agreed on a detailed set of rules and procedures that would be recommended to such a BBA convention once it convened.  That resolution can be read HERE.

They also established what they referred to as the “Phoenix Correspondence Commission” (PCC), to be ultimately composed of two delegates from each state for the primary purposes of:

  • Being a single point of contact in tracking applications for a BBA convention;
  • Monitoring Article V efforts;
  • And working with Congress to suggest a time and place for the BBA convention.

Georgia attorney David Guldenschuh, who served as secretary for the 2017 Phoenix convention, was charged with drafting a proposed charter and set of bylaws for the PCC.   On August 29, 2019 PCC delegates convened and adopted the PCC organizational documents.

According to Arizona State Rep. Kelly Townsend, chair of the 2017 conference, “The goal is to have official delegates appointed by each state leadership body and to conduct ongoing collaboration to prepare for an eventual Article V convention”.  After the recent meeting Rep. Townsend said “Those interested in joining the PCC should contact me at and I will work with you to see what is possible in getting you appointed”.

The PCC established W. Bruce Lee of Sacramento, California to be its Executive Director and serve as the central office for the organization.  He can be contacted for any information about the business or implementation of the purposes of the PCC.  His contact information is or PO Box 1862, Loomis, California, 95650 or 916-624-6476.

Lee commented that, “I’m honored to be working in this capacity with all of the states.  This is an important and exciting step in our nation’s history to restore fiscal balance to our country!  The PCC is currently in the process of identifying the two delegates from every state across the nation”.

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