Not an amending convention, but a convention none the less

Mike Kapic 9/10/2017

Next Tue, Sept 12, at noon at the AZ Capitol, is an opportunity to celebrate and for you to really find out how this little-known process of a convention of states really works. Watch a hundred state legislators and regular citizens from across the country convene a convention. It’s a shame more patriots don’t know and understand the history of America’s founding. The derisive language used against a process that is an American tradition has occurred over three centuries and hundreds if not thousands of times, is totally inaccurate. Historians and scholars have recently turned up much of the recorded history proving that what has occurred nationally 40-50 times with three or more colonies/states evolved into a homogenous and simple way for people, beginning 250 years ago to resolve their terrible crisis’ of safety and economic instability. These were the same types of problems we have today, just dressed differently. Conventions continued up to 1922 in Santa Fe NM. But the point is: We’ve done these many times before. The last amending convention, the Peace Convention, occurred in 1861 in Washington DC and attempted to preempt the Civil War. As that convention proved, not all the conventions results were successful, but every one of the conventions operated successfully. So, bring banners and posters and call for a return to America’s heritage as a way to use the Constitution the way it was intended. Sunday, Sept 17, 2017 marks the documents 230th birthday. Watch the AZ convention proceedings live from the gallery or at The history can be found on the internet, Library of Congress, the library or Amazon etc. Or contact me through for specific info.