By David Wilder – July 28, 2023

Ok, we need to talk about what’s happening in Washington, DC these days.

First some ground rules.  We need to respect each other, and reaffirm we all want to get to some solution, a better society, a way to pursue a ‘more perfect union’.  Are you with me so far?

Secondly, better ideas aren’t identified by the degree of passion, creative name-calling, or other emotive sledge hammers.  They are recognized by facts, consistent historic experience, provable logic and all that rational thinking that built our society.  Still with me?

Perhaps the next step is defining our common reference point.  For example, when talking about our government, do you agree the Constitution is the basic foundation to adhere too?

If that is a hard point to consider, the next step is the fun one – what is the problem we are trying to solve?

Our representative republic has created a system to balance all the competing interests.  It is basically a way for diverse populations to get along successfully.  It’s brilliant, historically speaking.

If you’ve followed along here, you are voice of “We the People.  Congrats!

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