State Legislatures’ Article V Caucus Newsletter

by Stuart MacPhail  February, 2019

Three More Article V-related Bills Have Been Filed – 
The Washington state legislature is considering SJM8004, a proposed BBA-focused Article V application.  The bill has 10 sponsors.  A House version of the bill (HJM4005) was filed on January 23.  Frank Bowen of the BBA Task Force reports “Some of the Washington state legislators are saying ‘We need to step up’.”  Frank says “We have a golden opportunity here.”

In Missouri a bill (HCR19) has been introduced calling for an Article V convention “limited to removing ‘except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted’ from the thirteenth amendment of the Constitution of the United States”.  The bill is HCR19

In Congress, Texas US Rep Al Green has filed a proposed Constitutional amendment (HJ Res 13) that seeks to “clarify” Presidential pardoning power.