Solutions Proposed to Deal with the National Debt Crisis – 

By Stuart MacPhail  May 2019

During March TheFederalist carried a series of proposals by Benjamin Dierker, a law student at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University.  Entitled “7 Ideas For Making Congress Solve The National Debt Crisis”, the piece admits that the proposals are “dead on arrival” because, lacking certain constitutional amendments, it is Congress that would have to enact them.

Among other suggestions, Mr. Dierker says “Congressional salaries should be reduced every time a budget is passed with spending exceeding revenue, a firm cap on spending should be imposed, and entitlement reform should become an urgent priority.”  He also said “Term limits should be put in place to prevent career politicians from establishing political empires.”

“We need a potent cocktail of policies to drastically shift incentives and provide institutional rules and guidelines that prevent backsliding”, says Dierker.  Read his proposals HERE.

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