How Americans Take Back Their Nation

By Mike Kapic – September 24, 2021

We’re all concerned about the seemingly abrupt change in the direction America has taken. The truth is, it’s been moving toward the Progressive Lefts Social Contract Theory since the late 19th century. Our decline has accelerated over the last sixty years and the Left has waited until now to pull the trigger in their final attempt to ‘transform’ America into something else. Here’s what we can do:

  • Know and trust in God and Judeo-Christian Truths He taught us
  • Know the difference between Divine Law and the Social Contract Theory
  • Understand where your rights come from and what your responsibilities are.
  • Do not trust any government institution-until they’ve been vetted against your and the Founders Constitutional standards.
  • Decide which group you belong: Trapped by fear (following covid experts mandates), apathy (not caring), or activist (Patriot). If you’re either a Patriot or trapped in fear, both of you are needed in the fight.
  • Identify your passion: K-12 education, border security, Constitutional abuse, election integrity, limited government, federalism (states’ rights), healthcare, life, the environment, poverty, crony-capitalism, religious freedom, gun rights, privacy rights, etc.
  • The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of rights are under attack by the Progressive Left.
  • Engage people about your beliefs and stand up, show up, and speak up!
  • When your assertions are challenged, respond with: “Compared to what?” “At what cost?” “What evidence do you have?”
  • Adopt the Cloward and Piven–type approach of overwhelming “the system,” by crashing the system, then blaming the system, and taking control of the system—but in this case the system being that which has been created and instituted by the Marxist-based movements. (Bust up the teacher’s unions; stand up to racist and anti-American curriculum in our schools, fight election fraud, Religious rights, etc)
  • Identify your targets: unions, BLM, Antifa, rioters, politicians, industry, corporations, climate, states’ rights, and aim the IRS on these Marxist groups in your local community.
  • Support other targets of the Left: law enforcement, parents, children, teachers, abortion, by donating time, money, or…
  • Stand up for Divine Law (Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God)
  • Unite your family, neighbors, and community under Americas Foundation: the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.
  • Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.
  • Accept Faith and Hope over Fear
  • Ask your God for guidance in returning His Nation to Him and to the consent of the governed.

Become involved with your friends, family, and neighbors in accomplishing this effort. You can help in the healing process by joining organizations (church, school, political activists) that help teach how to engage our state legislators. You can impact America from your living room.   

Hunt For Liberty