February 9, 2022

To: Office of the Chancellor of Maricopa Community Colleges

From: Michael Kapic

Re: Rio Salado College RISE, Surprise AZ: Class #250, A Little Known American History

Dear Administrators

The tribulations of covid have put America through a unique experience causing our Nation to further drift away from its founding principles. I’ve taken it upon myself to study, research, learn, and share the truth with others by volunteering at institutions such as Rio Salado College’s RISE program. I want folks to understand, with passion, the uniqueness of how, where, and why America came about. The little-known truths.

Two hundred and sixty years ago we entered what has become known as the Founding Period as America came to terms with liberty by throwing off a tyrannical government. We fought and died for our liberty to answer the question, Who Decides? Our Declaration and Constitution defined that question and who we were to become through many trials at the cost of our gifts of treasure.

Today we face threats to our liberty, dignity, creed, and beliefs similar to the Colonials in June of 1765 when a convention of colonies was held in New York City to “consult together…the difficulties…of the late Acts of Parliament,” particularly the Stamp Act.

You see, loyal British citizens in America, in order to conduct business in public using a piece of paper had to have a Crown’s stamp signifying a tax had been paid. The parallel today is reflected in loyal American citizens not being allowed into government intimidated institutions or businesses without a mask.

Many in science, medicine, healthcare and the People have recognized that by the end of 2020, we had done something unhealthy in America. We had allowed our governments to participate in citizens healthcare by quarantining the healthy and sick in lockdowns and mandating policies that broke laws. As time revealed the facts, the CCP virus was actually mild and less dangerous than the annual flu. And there was no medical or scientific evidence supporting masks efficacy for protection.

We had been duped and complying institutions, like Maricopa County’s Rio Salado College, were complicit. Had the mask decision been a private free market decision of Rio Salado’s choice, I would have either complied or voted with my feet.

You made the decision to mandate the governments unconstitutional and ineffective masks requirement, allowing the government to cancel my freedom by forcing me to leave my liberty at your front door.

Because of my refusal to wear a mask while in the lecture hall, the police were called at the behest of Rio Salado College. The police officer revealed that it was not illegal to refuse to wear the mask, and so your institution decided to charge me with ‘trespassing’ to enforce the government’s illegal policy.

I enjoy my retirement and my ability to study American history and to even author a book and publish essays in national magazines on the Founders principles. I enjoy sharing my PowerPoints in discussions with awestruck students about what is happening to their Nation.

My freedom is paramount over any autocratic government declaration outside of the Constitution. On December 15, 1791, Virginia was the last state to ratify the Bill of Rights. Notice it is not referred to as a ‘Bill of Safety.’

With the possible threat of legal action, such as the Nuremberg Code, against institutions regarding government maleficence in the future, I will not continue volunteering to assist you in your education efforts until you return all the rights of all Americans to walk through your front door. I now know who decides.

Michael Kapic is a retired CEO living in Arizona with his wife of 57 years. A great-grand father, he’s a Auburn University graduate and has managed engineering and manufacturing facilities throughout his career.

Since retirement, he has participated in Constitutional activitism as Editor/Publisher of Hunt For Liberty.com, a writer and college lecturer, a LUVBBA.org member, AMAC Action Congressional Delegate, co-founder of an AMAC AZ Chapter, past-AZ COSP State Director, PathToReform.org member, and author of Conventions That Made America: A Brief History of Consensus Building.

Hunt For Liberty

Illegal Institutional Mandates © 2022 by Michael Kapic is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0