My Ideal Reader

by Rodney Dodsworth – February 26, 2016

I suppose my ideal reader was burned by liberalism. This isn’t to say that those never immersed in Leftist moral relativism since an early age cannot relate, for they surely can, yet there are few passions stronger than those of converts to any cause.

Converts previously burned by Leftist lies eventually came to the realization that redistributionist nostrums he/she learned in K-16 schools didn’t comport with reality. Maybe this thirty-something with nearly a decade of actually living and working in a world of artificial economic and social constraints has come to realize that he isn’t very free. In idle moments outside of the day-to-day hubbub and distractions, he concludes he has been fed a bundle of lies, for he can’t reconcile the contradictions between what he was told and what he sees.

Above all else he wants a happy family.

No form of government has yet to deliver happiness. If one had done so, the form would have been copied by peoples around the globe. Not only is happiness beyond its reach, experience has shown that government can’t even deliver personal comfort to all.

What government can do is set the table, establish and encourage the framework of governing and private institutions such that personal fulfillment and happiness are possible for those willing to seek them.

I hope this blog and the works of others can chart a path to the return of a more perfect union in which the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God are once again respected and obeyed. Only then are personal and societal happiness possible.

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