What Happened in Washington DC

By Gary Bauer – June 10, 2024

Over the weekend, to the great joy of Israelis, four hostages kidnapped on October 7th were rescued by the Israeli Defense Forces. The hostages were being held in the home of a “civilian,” Abdallah Aljamal, a spokesman for Hamas and journalist for Al Jazeera and the Palestinian Chronicle. The latter media outlet holds 501(c)3 non-profit status here in the United States.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., there was a previously planned but outrageous demonstration of Hamas supporters. They surrounded the White House and yelled their support for jihad and martyrdom.

They also defaced multiple historic statues of American heroes. The demonstration went on for hours, and a Park Police officer was assaulted. According to preliminary reports, no arrests were made.

A few blocks away, another demonstration was taking place – the annual “pride parade” in Washington, D.C. The current female police chief for the District of Columbia proudly marched in the parade, and no doubt instructed her officers not to make any arrests at the Hamas demonstration at the White House.

Can there be a better symbolic example of what’s happened to America than these two events in our nation’s capital?

Radical Islamists and their sympathizers chanted calls for another genocide against the Jews and attacked America’s heroes, and nobody did anything to stop them. And just a few blocks away, virtually naked men were dancing and twerking through the streets, while irresponsible parents brought their children and applauded it all.

There are no reports that the two groups ever crossed paths, as they did recently in Philadelphia. Violence almost erupted when the Islamofascists and the alphabet people arrived at an intersection at the same time.

These two groups have very little in common. But they both perceive that their major enemy is Judeo-Christian civilization, and both groups are devoted to bringing that civilization down.

Both groups are also attempting to steal your children and indoctrinate them in various ways. Both groups are part of today’s progressive movement. Both groups will spend millions of dollars to turn out their voters in November.

Bogus Order

As we previously reported, Joe Biden’s executive order on illegal immigration is a total sham. It was already full of loopholes, but now we’re learning that there are even more loopholes.

memo was just sent to the San Diego sector instructing Border Patrol agents how to operate under Biden’s new order. Virtually anyone intercepted from more than 100 countries in the eastern hemisphere must be released into America because we don’t have the operational resources to deport them.

The only exception to this massive loophole are illegal aliens from Russia and five other former Soviet Union states.

But this notion that we don’t have the resources to deport all the other illegal aliens is really puzzling since we know the Biden administration is literally flying in hundreds of thousands of people directly from their home countries via an app.

This app is not impacted at all by Biden’s latest executive order on illegal immigration. The app is the equivalent of a legal port of entry. Instead of going to a port of entry, illegal aliens just use the app. They don’t show up in most statistics because they’re not “illegally crossing” the border; they are being flown in.

Remember all those secret flights of illegal aliens that were landing under the cover of night? The Biden administration is able to find all kinds of planes to fly illegals into the country, but we have no planes to send them back.

This is a total charade! It is nothing more than a political gambit. But Joe Biden only needs to fool some voters into believing he is really doing something about the illegal immigration crisis he created. The latest CBS News poll has Donald Trump barely leading Joe Biden by 50% to 49%.

Green Military

Is this just rhetoric by Biden? Is he merely trying to get all the left-wing environmentalists to vote for him? No. It’s policy, too.

Speaking on Fox News this weekend, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) noted that a top goal of the U.S. Army is to be “carbon neutral” in a few years. So they’re trying to figure out how to electrify tanks.

The Pentagon is also spending precious dollars trying to switch military bases from regular electricity to solar power. As a result, they are buying massive amounts of solar panels from communist China.

So, yes, there are real policy consequences. Biden’s military will be a “green and gay army.”

The EU Elections

Elections for the European Union parliament were held this weekend. As of now, it appears that centrists still hold the majority, but conservative parties made huge gains in several nations, particularly Belgium, France, and Germany.

As a result, Macron called for snap elections in France, and the anti-Trump prime minister of Belgium resigned.

In related news, Benny Gantz, widely considered to be Benjamin Netanyahu’s leading rival, withdrew from the Israeli war cabinet. Gantz’s withdrawal, however, does not endanger Netanyahu’s governing majority.

Meanwhile, in the British elections scheduled for next month, the Tories are facing the prospect of a historic defeat, perhaps even placing third behind Nigel Farage’s relatively new Reform Party.

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