Illegitimate Government and Control Mechanisms Require the Elimination of Communication, FIGHT IT

by Arizona Freedom Alliance on December 16, 2020

It is not coincidental that bars and taverns have been targeted for closure and control under the auspices of 2020’s COVID-19 fear and mitigation.

It is not coincidental that churches and fellowship gatherings have been targeted for closure and control under the auspices of COVID-19 fear and mitigation. Both of these assembly points and gathering places have a deep history within the American rebellion.

The Sons of Liberty plotted rebellion in the public houses of Boston such as the Green Dragon Tavern, which began operation as early as 1712.

Members of the St. Andrew’s Lodge of Freemasons, which included Paul Revere and Dr. Joseph Warren, purchased the Green Dragon Tavern in 1764 to use as their headquarters.

In the fall of 1774, Revere, Warren, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and other members of the Sons of Liberty met in secret at the tavern to exchange intelligence gathered on the movement of British soldiers in and around Boston. By some accounts the plot for the Boston Tea Party was also hatched inside.

So pivotal were the secret meetings inside the Green Dragon Tavern that statesman Daniel Webster called it “the headquarters of the Revolution.” (link)

Fast forward 250 years later and the modern rebellion against leftist authoritarianism is now facing an identical issue.  Individual members of the rebel alliance are having to use covert methods just to meet and discuss issues, grievances and concerns about liberty.

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AFA Editor:  This is an important perspective.  We have been troubled from the beginning and have even chatted with faith leaders about this entire shutdown/masks/”social distancing ” aka social engineering.  What, we asked pastors, would be a problem if you section off areas of your houses of worship so people who wear masks feel “safe” and maskless worshippers feel at home in churches, enjoying the fellowship once provided.  It’s one of the core principles for people to congregate in churches, to feel the faithful fellowship that is so important to the total experience.  Churchgoers have been robbed of this core part of their faith.  Government is prohibited from interfering in that process but pastors and priests have embraced this government dictum without a whimper.

Bars and taverns are simply prototypical of fellowship in a different atmosphere for most.