96% of Temp Data Bad

August 16, 2022|Environment|

Climate Change – 96% Of US Temperature Data Corrupted? Humans have caused warming, but mostly just locally. By: Caroline Adana - August 04, 2022 A new scientific report documents that almost all US temperature measurement stations are in compromised [...]

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Our Pagan Nationalism

August 15, 2022|Faith|

Unbelief is Destructive. That’s Why Pagan Nationalism is So Dangerous. By Chris Hume – August 4, 2022 The hullabaloo about the bugaboo of “Christian nationalism” is a diversion from what its opponents are of necessity promoting—namely, pagan nationalism. [...]

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God’s Armor

August 3, 2022|Faith|

‘Put on the Full Armor of God’: DeSantis Turns to Faith in Political Fight Against Left By The Daily Wire – July 25, 2022 Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis urged Florida Republicans on Saturday to ready themselves for [...]

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The ‘Religious’ Left

July 19, 2022|Faith|

  Their father is the Devil December 16, 2021 By Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary. As the midterm elections begin to come into focus, there is a very serious topic authentic political conservatives [...]

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Environmental Truths

June 28, 2022|Environment|

6 Truths About The Environment The Biden Administration Would Like To Censor White House adviser Gina McCarthy proposed tech companies must shut down conversations that challenge the narrative on energy. BY: ELISE MCCUE - JUNE 17, 2022 5 MIN [...]

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Americans Reading the Bible…

June 21, 2022|Faith|

‘Americans Who Consistently Read and Apply the Bible Report Greater Levels of Hope and Resilience’: Study By American Faith – June 14, 2022 Atheists will often decry the Bible and its contents, yet study after study shows the [...]

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