Article V convention gives the people power to take control

To the editor:

The Convention of States is coming.

Just like Paul Revere spread the alarm that the British were coming, patriots today are working hard to rein in a federal government that has become increasingly monarchical and oppressive.

I dare say that Americans on either end of the political spectrum have lost all faith in and respect for Congress, the executive ∫ranch and even the judiciary.

We see endless squabbles between Democrats and Republicans whose only commonality is their thirst for continuous investigations and all things essential to ensure their re-election.

The business of the people has become less than an afterthought by these sycophantic leeches who have carved out special privileges and hefty benefits for themselves at the expense of the taxpayers. Career politicians inhabit both houses of Congress, and withering jurists well past their cognitive primes render ever more bizarre interpretations of the Constitution.

Coming to the rescue is a remedy contained in Article V of the U.S. Constitution. It was a foresight of pure genius that was incorporated into that singular document at the last moment. It gave to the people the only remedy to curtail and dissemble federal usurpation of powers that were never given to it in the first place.

It provides for a convention of the individual states to propose items like term limits for Congress and a balanced budget.

Those who wish to learn more can visit, sign the petition and perhaps become a participant in this historical movement.

Be just like Paul Revere.

Theodore Xenakis


The Eagle Tribune—North Andover, Massachusetts