Fighting For Faith, Family & Freedom

By Gary Bauer – February 16, 2022

As you may know, I recently published an opinion piece entitled, “What Conservatives Are For.” (If you missed it, you can read it here.) I wrote the column in response to Joe Biden’s constant efforts to demonize and divide us.

We got a very positive response to that column. At the same time, many people expressed frustration that Washington doesn’t seem to work for the common good anymore. Too few politicians proudly make the case for what they are for, while too many congressmen and senators just fight all the time and little gets done.

Well, the truth is that there are many issues that could bring large majorities of the American people together. But those issues aren’t on the left’s radical agenda.

Here are ten issues where most Americans find broad agreement. I call them “The American Values Agenda.” Use this platform in discussions with friends and family members. Share it with local activists and officials in your community. Urge them to take action on issues that unite us around our shared values.


Defend Innocent Life

The American people do not support abortion on demand.

  • 71% of Americans support restrictions on abortion.
  • 80% believe abortions should be illegal after the second trimester.
  • 58% oppose taxpayer subsidies for abortions.

Protect Religious Liberty

The American people strongly support the First Amendment right of religious liberty.

  • 83% of Americans believe the freedom to express religious beliefs is essential.
  • 71% of Americans believe religious organizations should eligible for government funding.
  • 60% of Americans believe that religious student groups should be able to choose leaders who follow the teachings of their faith.

Support Law Enforcement

Liberal policies on bail reform and efforts to defund the police have been disastrous.

Secure The Border

Border security and national sovereignty matter.

Ensure Election Integrity

The American people overwhelmingly support commonsense election integrity measures.

  • 88% of Americans support laws removing dead people from the voter rolls.
  • 85% support voter ID laws.
  • 82% support laws requiring ballots to be received by Election Day in order to be counted.
  • 70% of voters oppose private organizations (the Zuckerberg foundation) influencing official elections offices.

Offer Educational Choice

Approximately 70% of parents support school choice options.

  • Support for school choice is highest among black (73%) and Hispanics (72%) parents .
  • By a 20-point margin, 58% to 38%, Americans reject the teaching of critical race theory in the public schools.

Protect Girls Sports

Most Americans want to protect the hopes and dreams of their daughters.

  • Only 28% of Americans support allowing biological males to compete against girls in female athletics because it is fundamentally unfair. It is a form of cheating, causing young girls to lose college scholarships to boys.

Pass Term Limits

Americans are increasingly frustrated with “politics as usual,” and they want reforms to ensure accountability.

[HFL Editor: a term limits amendment is a real possibility but only if our state legislators vote to pass a resolution for Congress to Call an amending convention. Congress will not limit itself, only We the People and our states can.]

Hold China Accountable

The American people understand that communist China is not just a trading partner, but an enemy of freedom.

  • 76% of Americans believe it is important to contain communist China’s global ambitions.
  • 75% of Americans believe trade should be influenced by national security and human rights concerns.
  • 72% of Americans believe China lied about the origins of COVID, and 76% want China to pay reparations.

Stand With Israel

The American people understand that Israel is a beacon of liberty in the Middle East that shares common values with the United States.

American Values