Terror in Nice

Gary L. Bauer

France has once again been struck by radical Islamic supremacists. A jihadist drove a semi through a crowd in Nice, in southern France, during Bastille Day fireworks celebrations. At least 84 people were killed, including 10 children. More than 50 children were hurt and are being treated in hospitals. Many are in critical condition.

The driver, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, reportedly fired on fleeing pedestrians and shot at police from the cab of his truck. He was eventually shot and killed. I wonder how many people have been murdered this year by thugs whose first names were Mohamed.

Vehicular jihad is not a new phenomenon. This was the fourth vehicular attack in France since 2014. It has been employed in Israel for several years by Palestinian jihadists. It has accelerated in the last 18 months with little word of support or comfort from the Obama Administration to our Israeli ally.

Cars, trucks and even tractors have been used to plow into Israeli crowds. When you see a tactic used in Israel while the world yawns, take note. It won’t be long before that tactic is deployed against our country and Europe.

The stabbing jihad deployed in Israel has been used in Paris and London.

As the bodies were being cleaned up, a debate broke out in the media about the attacker. Did he act alone? Was he just a petty criminal? None of that matters! It doesn’t matter if he is on the ISIS email list or whether he attends regular jihadi club meetings.

What matters is this: There is a beast — radical Islamic supremacism — that is at war with us. It is continually spitting out of its gaping mouth human bullets prepared to use whatever they can get their hands on to kill us and our families.

The Failure of Western Elites

From the sleepwalking Swedes to the intellectuals enjoying their morning bagels on the Paris riverbank, from the faculty lounges of every major university in the Western world to the highest levels in Washington, D.C., from the clueless starlets in Hollywood to the businessmen willing to trade with the devil — there is a colossal moral failure of the men and women whom Western Civilization has rewarded with more influence, wealth and power than any people in the world.

In the face of the evil we are fighting, they are incapable of putting one and one together and finding two. They go to bed at night not worrying about jihadists but worrying about what common Americans, Frenchmen and Germans might do if we actually conclude we are at war with this radical Islamic supremacist ideology.

For example, a top French security official warned just a few days ago that his nation was “on the verge of a civil war.” But his greatest concern was not terrorism or the Islamists. No, his fear was the pent up rage and reaction of the “far right.”

Our left-wing elites, even in the middle of this ongoing carnage, continue to tell us that it is a good and noble thing to bring in more people from the very areas where this radical Islamist ideology is so prevalent. And they use their power in the media and in the halls of government to destroy and ruin anyone who dares to resist their insanity.

American Lives Matter

Two Americans were killed in the Nice attack. Sean Copeland, of Lakeway, Texas, and his 11 year-old son, Brodie, were among the victims of this latest Islamist-inspired atrocity. Brodie loved to play baseball and his father was a coach in his youth league.

Americans were killed in the Paris and Brussels attacks. Americans have been stabbed to death in Israel. Here’s an idea for a new slogan: “American lives matter!” On behalf of all Americans fed up with the left’s politically correct policies, I offer my sincere condolences to the Copeland family.

Pence For Vice President

In the wake of the Nice attack, Donald Trump wisely postponed the formal announcement of his choice for vice president. But official word came from the Trump campaign this morning that his running mate would be Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

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