Why don’t Democrats respect blacks?

By Mike Kapic   7/16/16

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, as I have, why are we seeing so many racial issues today? Eight, ten, years ago our country was relatively calm with most people getting along. Today race issues, real or perceived, are playing out in recurring headlines. Oh sure, there’d be an inner city problem now and again because living conditions in those cities are hideous. But, with a black President coming to power on the moniker of Hope and Change, why haven’t things improved for black Americans? Particularly from a community activist? Why have black lives in the inner cities actually become worse? Why are white people as disgusted about the problem as blacks?


Let’s look back and explore what we might consider the justifiable underlying causes of black unrest today.


Dating back over a hundred years ago, in the early 20th century, and in cities where riots have always occurred, riots generally were set off by either contempt for bad living conditions or frustration. But even going back further, to the abolishment of slavery in the 1860’s, southern Democrats feared the loss of their only economic sustenance with the pending loss of slaveries cheap labor: cotton. There was no other industry to speak of. Therefore, it was necessary, in their minds, to preserve and expand slavery to all new territories entering as new states to the Union. It was, after all, economic survival and they were doing what all people do: look out for their own self-interests. (But at the expense of black people.)


With the passage of the 13th and 14th Amendments in the late 1860’s, effectively ending slavery, another force by southern Democrats to save their economy came to fruition: Jim Crow laws and groups such as the Ku Klux Klan maintained what they declared were states’ rights, but were in fact a quasi-slave environment.


But life for the black population didn’t improve and in fact became worse and in the early 20th century Democratic President Woodrow Wilson racially segregated the entire federal government for the first time ever, defending his policy by saying, “it would reduce friction between whites and blacks.” Were those the sentiments of federal employee’s or only his and the elite’s that surrounded him? Was he leading by example?


In the same period, Margret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood with the express mission of controlling black births through eugenics and sterilization. She had support of the DC elite’s and such notables as Charles Darwin, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Alexander Graham Bell. In Britain elite’s such as John Maynard Keynes, the economist also supported eugenics.


Race riots in the early 20th century in Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, and other Democratically led cities continued unabated. The Civil Rights legislation era beginning in the 1860’s waxed and waned until it peaked in the mid-1960’s. It continues today with such efforts as affirmative action. Yet, nothing has changed for most blacks.


America has made social changes such as the Civil Rights Acts in the 1870’s and 1960’s, the war on poverty, expansions of government healthcare and regulation, increased welfare benefits such as food stamps, housing, child care, and medical care, but nothing has changed for blacks in the inner cities. Obama, by edict, deleted the work requirement in the welfare program that Democratic President Bill Clinton successfully signed into law in the nineties. Since Obama took office, however, economic growth has remained stagnant across the country, while actually growing worse in all large inner cities with crime rising and family values falling.


Everything Martin Luther King Jr had worked for has been rejected. The exceptions are those who grew up in that world, but took themselves out of it. Blacks from a variety of professions such as Supreme Court Justices, Presidential candidates, surgeons, CEO’s, military leaders, media moguls, police chiefs, legislators…all walks of life, have made a difference in themselves by proving their character and fortitude.


America is listed as eighth in the world in murders, but if you take out Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and Washington DC, (all run by Democrats and all have the strictest gun control laws in the US) the US falls to forth from the bottom in homicides. This is not about gun control; it is about offering opportunity to whole groups of people in stagnate cities.


Poverty had been declining since the fifties when Democratic President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty in the mid-sixties and started programs such as free housing, food stamps, and free child care. It all began in 1965 and, continuing to 2016, the US taxpayers have funded over $22 Trillion in welfare programs designed to help people out of poverty, but the number in poverty has remained virtually the same. No change.


During that same period, black households without a father grew from 20% in the sixties to 73% today. The cause of these problems is obvious because the neighborhoods in the inner cities have high unemployment, substandard education, no father figures, no church attendance, and income’s that come from the illegal drug industry. Young black youths would rather deal drugs and kill each other than bake donuts or sell shoes or stock shelves or repair autos or computers. Is this the world young black men prefer to bring children into? Sure their neighborhoods are a mess. But the city leaders have done nothing to build an infrastructure or protect the values that successful people utilize. Education in the inner cities is stagnant due to undisciplined schools and low standards, and policies that the teacher’s unions endorse because it keeps them in control and in the cash. Changes need to include more charter schools.


Are blacks profiled by the police in inner cities? Of course they are. Because, statistically, the police, protectors of law and order, know that young black males commit ten times the number of homicides as do whites. They approach a young black male with understandable apprehension.


Young black men could and should start bakeries and auto repair businesses or work for someone, but the infrastructure has not been secured by the politicians. Instead, they condone fatherless kids, teen pregnancies, (abortions keep Planned Parenthood in business), drug dealing on the street corners, and generational welfare. Shame on them.


Today a new industry has evolved known as the race industry, who’s leaders are race hustlers and baiters. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton including small community organizers and city councils. Supporting them in stirring the racial pot are Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers and others stirring up riots with the support of Obama. The president and Attorney General Lynch have backed away from their inflammatory rhetoric lately while still believing guns are the problem. They just don’t see that Democratic policies have hurt the black communities where gun controls are the strictest. And this statement comes from successful black people who have escaped the life.


But the Democrats are rallying around, not unemployment or fatherless families or rundown inner cities, but guns owned by Americans that don’t live anywhere near the many daily deaths of children and innocent people.


To save face and distract from addressing the central problem, the fingers of politicians, media, and entertainment, point in another direction: to the police and law abiding gun owning citizens. “They must be the problem” is the race rhetoric. The police kill (intentionally or accidently) more American Indians, whites, Hispanics, in that order, than blacks in America. And when the Left tries to crucify the folks in blue or legal gun owners by egging on Black Lives Matter and others, we creep closer toward violent anarchy.


Why do Obama and his compatriots look away from the causes of the tyranny against the desperate black people that just want a chance to live the life of happiness and opportunity. Why is the only race that’s having difficulty adjusting to America the blacks? Caucasian and Mongoloid assimilate into society as do most Negoid not living in the big inner cities of America.


Democrats fight for queers and trans-people but not for blacks and tell us that only gun control will solve their problem. Why is that? Are they in the mode that President Johnson declared in 1964 during the Civil Rights legislation battle in Congress, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years!” Is it all about votes to the Democrats? Is that what the black lives really mean to Democrats? Votes? Full disclosure, I’m a registered Independent, not a Republican (the party of stupid—as compared to the party of evil).


Democrats don’t care for blacks. If they did, they wouldn’t treat them the way they do. America is a caring country. When people are hurt by a catastrophe, here or abroad, we come together and help. Where is the leadership to pull us together to halt the decay, the bickering among ourselves? I’m traveling across the South and North this summer and I don’t see or feel any racial tensions. People of all races are courteous, friendly, and helpful.


So let’s get past the Democratic hypocrisy. There were less racial issues when Obama took office than there are today. I guess that’s what we get for electing a Community-Organizer-in-chief instead of a leader.