By: Jack Hellner – March 5, 2021

Joe Biden disparaged governors who are opening their economies by calling them “Neanderthals.”

It is so nice that he is seeking unity instead of dividing us.

To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a Neanderthal if:

  • You believe the masks are the solution even though states and countries without the mask mandate did as well or better than the ones who had the mandate.
  • You believe that masks and other tyrannical mitigation rules stopped the seasonal flu this year when states and countries without the mask mandate and strict lockdowns also did not have much seasonal flu this year. (there is no correlation)
  • You still believe that the virus easily spreads off surfaces.
  • You still believe that millions of people without symptoms are actively spreading the virus.
  • You continue to keep schools closed while you bend over for your special interest groups.
  • You keep destroying small businesses while you allow yourself to be controlled by social media billionaires and while you allow large corporations to remain open.
  • You say that walls don’t work while the White House and Capitol remain walled off.
  • You say that walls don’t work while you watch human smugglers drive SUVs through holes in the un-upgraded border fence and kill their young passengers.
  • You tell citizens they can’t travel and must quarantine while you let illegal aliens roam the country free with the virus.
  • You called governors who forced nursing homes to take in sick people to kill the vulnerable elderly “the gold standard” while chastising governors who dared give their residents freedom to stay open and not wear masks who had better results.
  • You might be a Neanderthal (or their sheep) if you believe and follow everything Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United Nations WHO, or the CDC say, despite all the things they have intentionally or unintentionally gotten wrong.
  • Finally, you might be a Neanderthal and puppet for special interest groups if you believe that oil and coal consumption is destroying the planet as well as control temperatures, sea levels, and temperature despite zero scientific data that show that that is true. Why would we want to get rid of a product that has improved the quality and length of life for almost everyone who has used it when crude oil is used in thousands of products? Do we want to regress to when life expectancy was 40? Maybe someone should ask Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and John Kerry what they would replace rubber tires with. Maybe Jen Psaki could circle back with that answer.

Thankfully we have many governors with spines and brains who understand that we have always lived with viruses and that we need to open to reduce depression, suicide, and economic collapse. It is a shame that the Democrat governors are Neanderthals who are anxiously awaiting their huge kickbacks from the taxpayers for intentionally destroying their economies.

Thank goodness we have Republicans who understand that the best way to stimulate the economy and give people of all income levels, all races, and all education levels the chance to move up the economic ladder and out of poverty and depression is opening up, capitalism and economic freedom. The Neanderthals who control Congress, the White House, and the high tax blue states believe that the way to stimulate is a massive pork bill, socialist policies, a few handouts, and continued lockdowns. They strive for making more people dependent on the government because that is how they hold on to power, which is their main goal.

If America wants to become weaker and more dependent on China, Russia, Iran, and Russia we should just follow the real Neanderthal in the White House’s recipe for collapse.

Open borders, massive regulations, higher taxes, destroying the private health insurance industry, destroying for-profit schools, keeping schools closed, major restrictions on small companies while large companies are exempt, destruction of the oil and coal industries, a high minimum wage to destroy small businesses, etc. These policies will all contribute to the massive and quick destruction of the private sector but the Neanderthals in power will do great and that is all they truly care about.

We could stop this intentional destruction if we had more independent thinkers in the media instead of Neanderthals repeating the talking points and cheering on the Neanderthals in power.

Should a president who appears to be incapable of conducting an independent news conference, or reading a State of the Union Speech, while being a figurehead who signs executive orders radical leftists prepare for him, call governors who have independent policies “Neanderthals”? Yesterday, Biden appeared to be ready to take questions, in a very controlled environment, and his puppet masters at the White House abruptly cut off the feed? It appears they thought they couldn’t afford Biden going off-script.

Maybe Biden and the other Neanderthals should read the 10th Amendment:

The Tenth Amendment’s simple language—“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”

It should also be noted that we have had fewer cases of COVID in the last year than in the six months of the 2019-2020 seasonal flu despite testing people with no symptoms and despite not having free testing sights and contract tracers throughout the country. The cases averaged over 200,000 per day and we had no lockdowns nor masks, nor social distancing. We did not have headlines every day to scare the public nor did we have reports of hospital usage. In other words, we lived through it as we always have.

The headlines should read: The economy, individuals, children, businesses are being destroyed by tyrannical politicians and bureaucrats who quest for ever greater power. The virus is the excuse they are using to confiscate and keep this power.

American Thinker