Tyranny Isn’t Government

By Rodney Dodsworth – March 23, 2016

It is madness to think a government founded on free principles can long exist through tyrannical means. Yet through their actions, that is what a majority of Americans apparently believe.

America is in a decades long transition from republican free government to tyranny. After the midterm elections of 2014, the outcome of which President Obama declared  he would ignore, he opened our nation to Mexicans and Muslims alike. Congress, the lawmaking body of our once republic, was not consulted.

President Obama failed to serve the first purpose of government, to protect the nation from invasion. He not only turned a blind eye to recent, massive illegal immigration, he dedicated unappropriated taxpayer funds to facilitate the invasion. Presidents serve their country; tyrants serve themselves.

These are not activities of a government that respects its citizens.

Tyranny isn’t government. It is violence, a state of war, a precarious and unstable situation in which the one or few are masters of the many. While we increasingly fear the administration, rest assured it fears us. If you own a gun, you are suspect. Witness their surveillance of emails, texts, medical records, bank statements, credit cards, IRS abuse of political opponents, and perhaps worst of all, their censorship of major media criticism. The words “islam” and “terrorist” cannot appear in the same sentence.

The damage done by earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires is miniscule compared to the damage done by high officials whose purpose isn’t to secure our safety and promote prosperity, but rather to plunder its productive citizens, reward its courtiers and destroy civil society.

Elections are of the utmost importance in republics, where citizens temporarily raise fellow citizens to positions of high trust. In nations trending toward tyranny, elections serve opposite ends; they serve to condone criminality.

In former republican times, Americans went about their lives hardly thinking of government. There was mutual respect between the governors and governed, for they and we were one and the same. Today, both affection and government are gone. In their places is tyranny.

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