Mike Kapic  8/31/16

Our federal government has become quite blatantly abusive of Americans and not ashamed of their dalliance. They’ve fined one couple in WA over $135,000 for NOT believing that marriage is between a man and a woman. Image that! Who ever heard of two men producing an offspring? Isn’t that why God put a man and a woman on earth? Instead of two men? How silly could the government be? Well, quite silly, it turns out.

We’ve seen the expos of expensive parties taking place in the name of seminars in Hawaii with attendee’s sitting in a bathtub in a high rise hotel toasting the photographer with a glass of expensive red wine. We know that these government employees are taking advantage of our inability to control them. What follows is another revelation of abuse in the federal government by ConventionOfStates.com

A new report from an independent watchdog found that employees of the Patent and Trademark office billed the government (AKA, the taxpayers) for 300,000 hours they never worked, costing the American people $18.2 million. Many employees work from home, and the report found numerous instances of time logged without any work being completed. To make matters worse, buried towards the bottom of the report was this line: “The watchdog’s findings will not result in repercussions for any no-show employees.”

Why? A combination of federal privacy laws and powerful employee unions will protect the thieves from any repercussions. Many of them have even received bonuses for work they never completed.

Congress and the President are supposed to monitor and stop such abuses. They don’t, apparently, because they’re too busy trying to run the everyday lives of the American people.

The US taxpayer, who fervently believes in the rule of law and sends his or her taxes in because it’s the law—but it’s also a moral responsibility. The morality side of this equation plays a much more important role that the rule of law does. And people that we hire in government are taking advantage of us is shameful. Do they have no morals? No scruples? How do they look themselves in the mirror?

This is only the tip of the ice berg of abuse by our federal government and its employees. And you’ve probably seen other grievance acts against our country and its people. The question is, when will “we the people” stop allowing this misbehavior in the federal government from occurring and finally put an end to this nonsense. We do have the power, they don’t.

To find out how you, a single voter, can impact our country by telling your representative in your state that you’ve had enough, go to ConventionOfStates.com. It’s time to stop the federal government and bring the power in DC back to you and your state. Believe or not, you can do it through the second clause in Article V of the Constitution. Yes, you have the power to turn your country around and take it away from the bureaucrats and clerks who are trying to rule you and your family’s life. ConventionOfStates.com. There will be a simulated convention on Sept 22 & 23. The Sept 23 will be live streamed so you can see how the process works. Stay tuned.