The Earth is Shaking as People are Changing the Landscape

by Mike Kapic

What was that? Rumbling? Can you feel it? The ground shaking slightly with a subtle rumble in the distance? Feel it? Like an earthquake or volcano clearing its throat. Are we sensing vibrations and sounds of people making life changing adjustments around the globe? We’ve heard them before coming from places like Ukraine, China, Sweden, Peru, France, Poland, and lately the USA and UK.

The large regulating establishments around the world are quietly going about their business. The Central Banks, Labor Unions, Elite Politicians, Parliaments, Congress, Big Business, Big Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Professional Lobbyist, Big Media, Big Entertainment, Big Academia, Special Interests, are all going about the business of getting rich and powerful by setting the rules and playing insider games among themselves.

But the source of the noise you hear and the subtle rumblings you feel are from those funding the game. Supplying the labor, money, taking the fall, bailing them out when they fail. It is coming from the people around the globe collectively stamping their feet, slamming their fists on the table, “Enough!”

Last week the British people told their government and the EU leadership that they’ve had enough and want out of the binders of tyrannical leadership and bureaucracy to regain their identity and determine their own future through self-governance. Authoritarian governance has been declining over the past decades in most of the almost two hundred countries. They are being replaced by various forms of democracy or republicanism. And now there are suggestions that additional countries might “__exit” the EU including France, Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands.

In a recent New York Times op ed, Marine La Pen, president of France’s conservative National Front party said, “The People’s Spring is now inevitable! The only question left to ask is whether Europe is ready to rid itself of its illusions, or if the return to reason will come with suffering. I made my decision a long time ago: I chose France. I chose sovereign nations. I chose freedom.”

There’s also a movement begun by a US Congressman to “UNEXIT”.

In the US the current Administration has brought a certain clarity and urgency to what we’ve been idly witnessing over many years of Republican and Democratic administrations: the destruction of our country’s, values, strength, education, and yes, even the Constitution. Americans of all stripes are awakening, according to pollsters such as Gallop, to large majorities stating that “the country is going in the wrong direction” or “the federal government is not trustworthy” or “can’t adequately protect us.”

The Supreme Court’s rulings on issues have twisted the language of the Framers original intent to fit the political narrative of today. For example, the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare, marriage between same sex couples or abortion are a result of misinterpreting the language of the Constitution. The EPA arbitrarily rewriting its mission statement to take over all the waters of the US without Congressional permission shows contempt for the separation of powers. Or the First Amendment threat resulting from a law suit filed by the government on citizens because they denied the existence of climate change. Or the breach of the Bill of Rights to extra-manage guns after a terrible atrocity like the ISIS attack in Orlando FL. And the abuse of the Constitution continues…

Our government’s actions haven’t always been despotic. Since 1913 the progressive movement has been integrating non-Judeo-Christian values into our system of government, supported by the Supreme Court.  This has been exacerbated with the passage of the 16th Amendment (income tax) and the 17th Amendment (popular vote of the US Senate). Essentially we’ve turned over our incomes to Congress without our states ability to arbitrate as they had during our first 150 years. Up until the progressive movement, our country’s debt had remained relatively stable and America grew vibrant.

When a government takes control of the decisions, then yes, the actions can be described not only as despotic, but even tyrannical as we are not now living in a republican form of federalism. We in the US and others around the world have begun to see similar traits coming from expanding economies that attract enlarging governments composed of elitists politicians, lobbyists, academia, bureaucrats, and special interest groups, there for themselves. The people are saying “enough!”

Our form of republic, defined by the US Constitution, was the first of its kind in history. For the first 150 years we made sure that the self-governing republic the Founders and Framers had created would persevere. However, with the unraveling beginning 103 years ago, we haven’t halted the decline…until now. We have the opportunity, know the history of the process, and can prove it works. The movement in America just needs us, we the people, to stand together and return our government to its originally intended limited form.

What say you? Are you ready to show up! Stand up! Speak up!

Tell your family, neighbors, co-workers, to go to and sign the petition and volunteer to help return our country to a limited government. At the most, all you have to do is call or email your state legislators asking for their support during the 2017 state session. If you feel strongly about this issue and have a few hours a week available, we could certainly use your help. We’re all volunteers trying to restore a once proud nation for future generations. We need Arizona to be a part of the required 34 states calling for an amending convention. Join us at Thank you.