Leesa Williams 7/18/160

So, allow me to continue a thought process as to why this country seems to be so up in arms about our two presumptive candidates.  As I started with the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, in Part 1 of my ramblings, let’s now take a look at the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump.

In June of 2015, Donald J. Trump announced to the world he was running for office of the President of the United States of America.  And many came to the conclusion based on the way he entered the race, that this was a joke of sorts.  There was no way he would survive the other 16 candidate’s campaigns much less the debates themselves.  He was simply out of his league on this one.  The other candidates criticized him.  The news media was absolutely enamored with him…waiting to catch him saying that one thing that would cause him to lose voters.  Top so-called experts tried to explain him away.  And yet, he is, the presumptive Republican nominee for President in the 2016 election cycle.

From his first rally, the “heart” of America knew whether you agreed with his way of delivery or not, that did not matter.  Here is a man that has the where-with-all to say things like it is…no political correctness.  Here is a man who has said in public what we, the American voters have been trying to tell our Representatives over and over – I don’t like what you are doing in DC.  So, why is there such animosity when you mention Trump’s name?  Is it because he may actually get these things done?   If so, government agencies and budgets would in fact be reduced or eliminated so better use of the employees and money could be reinvested where it’s truly needed such as our military, or invested in securing and protecting our borders, or in removing regulations so jobs can be increased in the private sector.  For many, he represents the middle finger of the people to the Washington DC bureaucrats.  Being a Republican (or a Democrat) is changing again – their policies and what they stand for appears to be in opposition to the voters.  I can’t help but wonder why for the past year there has been such division within BOTH parties?  This is where all of this anxiety and turmoil came from.  It now seems as though the parties themselves may be about to lose all of their control they have maintained for far too long.  The rumor is that the Republicans will provide a “way out” for the “Never Trump” crowd at the convention later this month.  Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton (and said “let’s not talk about the past.”)  But why not?  He spent his entire campaign stating she is aligned with Wall Street and the wealthy 1%.  Will he receive a lucrative title or job in DC if she wins?  The Democratic and Republican parties still seem to be doing what the American voters have been begging them to stop doing.   Both party’s conventions take place at the end of this month.  What rules will they bend and change to suit their agenda?  What surprises will they throw at us – another candidate?  Why won’t they work for we the people and represent us in the manner they proclaim.

Again, watch the money.  Hillary Clinton has almost 1,000 staff and over $334million to campaign with (and is still raising money).  Donald Trump has about 100 staff and $65million (and just started raising money).  And the point has been made repeatedly that they are too close in most of the poles.  So what is Trump doing right?  The voters have said over and over they choose him because he is NOT tied to Wall Street (even though he knows a lot of people there).  So far, he appears to be efficient.  Could our government use some new efficiency policies?  The goal of every American is to strive for something better and right now government is strangling the American Dream.  The American people are speaking right now.  Both Democrats and Republicans are speaking out louder than ever before.  So why are politicians and the news media so determined to make us stand down?  There were some very qualified candidates on both sides to throw our support for and yet we have somehow just chosen Clinton and Trump!