Unlimited Stupidity Versus Limited Stupidity

By John Pepin – March 29 2023

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… stupidity will be the end of us all. The stupid among us are dangerous enough, but the stupid with power now, they are a cut above. They have the ability to start nuclear wars, obliterate an economy with taxes, regulations and spending, as well as create deadly viruses in laboratories for us to delight in. The stupidity of the elite surpasses a drunkard, a dare devil and the three stooges, combined. I can imagine Fauci using a hammer to go after a bat in a room full of people. Then thinking the people he brained were idiots to get in the way. Yes, stupidity is a mortal threat, not only to you and I, but our entire species. Because the stupidest people to have ever lived have near total power, to enact their stupidity on a global scale… there is no way that could go wrong.

As a people we have gone to great lengths to limit the dangers of local stupidity. Safety equipment in our cars protect us from stupidity while driving. There are helmet laws, seat belt laws and air bag regulations, all designed to protect us from our own stupidity. Because experience has taught us that stupidity is a constant threat while driving. We accept limitations on our rights to keep us safe at work as well. That is why we allow laws and regulations that are contrary to the spirit of our Constitution. To protect us from the consequences of local stupidity. The odd thing, or perhaps not odd at all, is that the elites who are most keen to regulate us into safety, from our own stupidity, are also the last to allow their own stupidity to be limited at all. In fact, their intolerance of correction is legendary.

The stupidity of our elites today is unlimited. It used to be, when they followed our Constitution, and were subject to democracy… but now that the Constitution is merely chiffon lingerie, covering naked tyranny, and democracy has been tamed with mail in fraud, that limit is gone. The elite are free to implement any stupid idea that pops into their pretty little heads. Without free speech, no one can point out the stupidity, without consequences, they will never learn and lacking hearts, they could care less. One thing the stupid have in common is, they think they are the smartest people to have ever lived. Moreover, they have no fear they could fail, creating disaster for mankind… because they are too smart, moral and wise… to fail again. Unlimited stupidity leads to unlimited disasters.

Why is it we limit the potential damage of local stupidity with regulations, mechanisms and common sense, but not the stupidity of the elite? Because the elite write the law, and they, being self centered egoists, will only rule in their immediate best interests. As the elite are passing seat belt laws to make us safe, they are cutting the equivalent Constitutional restraints from the government. Personally, I think the damage that could be done by a drunk careening down a highway, cannot match that of an expert experimenting with viruses, who releases ebola in Zaire. Ten thousand people suffering that horrible death because of a lab leak, that was covered up, is an act of magnificent stupidity. So limiting the stupidity of the elite, it would appear, gives more safety bang for the buck.

Wouldn’t it be a logical step then, to demand the stupidity of the elite be controlled with limited government, freedom of speech and criminal punishments for violating the Constitution? Since we spend billions to stay safe from local stupidity, and even give up our innate rights to government for it, why wouldn’t we spend less than a tenth the money for a million times the safety? That would be a good deal in anyone’s book. The road block, obviously, are the elite themselves. The elite are far too stupid to have the humility to accept advice. They believe themselves better than us, morally and intellectually, proven by their station. The elite, being too stupid to recognize their stupidity, means it is up to us to impose limitations on them. For their own sake and the sake of the human race.