State Legislatures Must Take Back Power

By Stuart MacPhail – March 2021

In a recent report published by The Epoch Times, commentator Daniel Horowitz reflected on recent actions by state executives, and on the record number of executive orders issued by President Joe Biden in his first month in office, including mandating rules around mask-wearing that require all travelers who are aged two and older to wear masks.

He noted: “In the normal legislative process, rules like mandatory mask-wearing would be debated, go through hearings, have input from constituents, and compromise would be sought and amendments put forward before agreements were made.  Instead, what’s currently happening is new rules are declared at press conferences.”  He went on to say, “It doesn’t matter whether it violates the Bill of Rights.  It doesn’t matter whether it violates statutes.  It doesn’t matter for how long you’re doing it.  This should concern everyone.  It doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you’re on in terms of broad politics.”

Horowitz was reported as saying, “I think it’s so important for state legislatures to get back on the playing field and start to take back some of that power.”  Read the report HERE.  Yes, to read it one needs to be a subscriber.  This would be a great time to break down and do it.  The cost is very low, especially considering the excellent content in The Epoch Times.

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