CPAC Attendees Report Strong Support for a BBA – 

By Stuart MacPhail April, 2020

The March 1 edition of The Washington Times reported on a straw poll conducted of attendees at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).  They report that respondents to the Times/CPAC poll effectively said “it’s time to get back to fiscal discipline.”

When asked what one amendment they would want added to the Constitution, The Times reports that more activists chose a balanced budget amendment more than any other option.  Participants in the poll numbered 1,336.  Read the Times story HERE.


Voters of All Persuasions Want Action on National Debt –A recent report by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation notes that “Heading into the 2020 elections, the vast majority of Americans are urging leaders in Washington to address the unsustainable national debt and budget deficit. Public concerns and calls for action on fiscal solutions have been measured in at least 11 different polls this year.”

The report summarizes the 11 surveys.  It concludes by saying, “With the national debt eclipsing $23 trillion, annual deficits above $1 trillion (and rising), and interest costs coming in at $1 billion every day, it’s no surprise that Americans feel strongly about the need to come together around solutions to put us on a more stable path. Doing so will help build a strong economic future for our nation, with widely shared economic opportunity and prosperity.”  Read the report HERE.

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