By David Wilder – August 5, 2023

“The more you observe politics, the more you’ve got to admit that each party is worse than the other.”Will Rogers

We’ve traveled down this path for so long, each political party striving to get elected and get power.  What politician goes to Washington with the attitude that his predecessors did a great job and all that needs doing is maintaining things as is?

They all go to Washington to make things better – so they have to find a problem, right?  Trouble is, many “problems” are made up just to garner some votes.  They’ve made up so many problems, they focused on issues far outside their authority.  If you are popular, who’s to stop you?

The Constitution lists only 17 powers Congress has.  These enumerated powers define the sand-box they can play in.  With those restrictions, there aren’t enough problems around for the Senators and Representatives to fix…. So, they went out of their sand-box and now play in the whole playground.

Think I’m wrong?  Did you know there are about 460 Federal departments.  Seems a bit heavy to handle 17 responsibilities.  If you think that is crazy – google how many are armed!

Even if all those departments have a great reason to exist – Congress shouldn’t be in charge.  Who then you ask?  If it is not under an enumerated power, it has to be handled by the states.  That balance of responsibility and allowed diversity is a main point of being a republic.

We used to honor the boundaries set up in our republic, but no more.  There is a way to fix it though.  Question is, do you want to?

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