WSJ 9/29/18

Letter to the Wall Street Journal Editor

The Hard Left Doesn’t Even Speak For Most Democrats 164 words

I applaud the bravery of Abigail Shrier in “#MeToo Becomes a Political Ploy”(WSJ op-ed, Sept. 26). I imagine she has made herself a target for the far left. The loudest Democrats are saying that an accusation by a female is all it takes to condemn a conservative male. After all, it almost worked against a conservative black male, Justice Clarence Thomas. It surely would work against a conservative white male given the left’s denigrating of all white males.

To be honest, not all Democrats are in favor of this type of justice that went out of style with Jim Crow. There are many Democrats (those not seeking TV airtime) who, like most of America, are willing to hear the accuser and any evidence and are withholding judgment until both parties are heard. Trial or no trial, the Constitution is still our guide in disputes. At least it is for conservatives and for most Americans save the far left.

Terry Larson Seffner, Fla.