The Surrender Caucus

By Gary Bauer – October 3, 2023

The following is an excerpt from American Values End of the Day.

Meanwhile, too many GOP members of the Surrender Caucus still worry about the tone of conservative rhetoric. They’re afraid of offending moderates and independents, while the left makes anyone who represents conservative values radioactive.

This is not “Trump specific.” Anyone who dares to resist the neo-Marxist left in the closing years of what it believes will be a permanent “fundamental transformation of America” will be destroyed.

Don’t fall for the fallacy that suggests all this animosity would disappear if Trump wasn’t around; that he is the reason for the left’s hostility. The left has been doing this for decades. Unlike others in our party, Trump decided to fight back and the left can’t tolerate that.

How is it that when Jamaal Bowman is caught on video pulling a fire alarm to disrupt Congress, he gets away with blaming “Nazi Republicans?

Sure, there are polite and decent candidates in the Republican presidential primary. If you think their politeness will spare them, you’re not paying attention. None of them have faced the full wrath of the left’s smear machine.

Never forget what left did to Brett Kavanaugh. They accused him of being a gang rapist! Kavanaugh only survived because Donald Trump refused to back down in the face of the left’s vicious lies.

Leftists compared John McCain to segregationist George Wallace.

Joe Biden called Mitt Romney a racist who wanted to put black Americans “back in chains.” Harry Reid called Romney a tax cheat on the Senate floor and was totally unapologetic about it.

I don’t remember the McCain and Romney presidencies. Oh, that’s right, neither of them won.

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