The Left is having a difficult time trying to convince us that climate change is really caused by humans.  They’re so frustrated by our inability to see things their way that they’ve resorted to prosecuting those who disagree with their theory. A US Attorney General in the Virgin Island has attacked a think-tank for making statements questioning the relationship of humans and climate change. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) stepped over the Left’s red line and now legal action is being brought against them. Shame on CEI for questioning the veracity of the Lefts ‘settled science’.

My first thought is, “where’s free speech?” Oh, sorry…the Left’s definition of free speech is only their speech. They can rant and rave about killing cops and frying them like bacon, walk on the American flag, call each other ‘nigger’, and let males into women’s bathrooms, but no one else can do those things. Doesn’t that seem hypocritical? Maybe to normal people but it makes perfect sense to someone on the Left.

Don’t forget that forty-two Senate Democrats in 2014 voted to amend the Constitution to limit political speech by anyone except politicians. A constitutional amendment proposed by Senator Tom Udall (D–NM) would grant Congress the power to regulate the raising and spending of money in elections. The Supreme Court had already ruled that regulating political spending was a form of speech restriction. Yet the Left persists in their drive to control.

Democratic principles are indicative of listening and debating all ideas and we call that form of governance, democracy. (America is not a democracy but a republic) Since the word Liberal is a derivative of liberty, it stands to reason that free speech would be an integral component. But those folks who squash any speech they don’t agree with are not democrats or liberals but leftists—socialists, fascists, or communists. The true definition of democracy might include Democrats and Republicans such as Tip O’Neal and Ronald Reagan arriving at a consensus.

I do believe that real Democrats or Liberals would protect all free speech including hate speech, stepping on the American flag, and using terms such as nigger, as a protected right under the Bill of Rights. And I would guess that generally, Democrats or Liberals, like Republicans, wouldn’t condone any of those acts themselves—but they’d stand up for an American’s right to use them.

What about climate change? Well, all intelligent and educated people know that climate change has been with us for billions of years. Over twelve thousand years ago, about the time of the invention of the family and agriculture in Europe and Africa, we had a mini ice age in North America. Archeological evidence shows that we’ve had hot times and cold times. So no one is denying that the climate changes. But the real question that science can’t answer is: do humans contribute enough influence to affect temperatures? The simple answer is, we don’t know. Scientists say that humans certainly do affect the climate (they breathe out carbon dioxide) but they don’t know if there’s enough to actually change it. They suspect not. But tell that to Al Gore who raised the alarm bell 35 years ago and is doing it again.

Remember when the alarmist Left told us in the ‘80’s that within five years we have a return to the ice age. They also said we’d run out of food in that same span. Today they use computer models (with 20-year-old software) to justify their claims but these same folks can’t tell us within any reasonable degree of accuracy what the weather will be like next Friday.

Alarming the populace every two or three decades seems to give the Left something to do. But the sad part is that our federal government is following the ignorance down a rabbit hole and abusing our rights. The government, our protector, has turned into the villain at the Left’s behest. As the saying goes, it’s the Constitution, stupid.