Monday, November 21, 2016

By Gary L. Bauer

Attacking Sessions

This weekend saw a ramping up of attacks against Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, whom President-elect Donald Trump has tapped to be attorney general. The substance of those attacks is that Sessions is a neo-Confederate, racist, misogynist, anti-immigrant obstructionist, as one leftwing headline put it.

Of course, none of those adjectives are true. On the idea that Sessions is a racist, our friends at The Weekly Standard have offered a strong rebuttal. Earlier in his career, Sessions desegregated Alabama schools and helped deliver the death penalty to a KKK leader who murdered a black man.

For the left, the problem with Sessions is that he is a committed advocate of Trump’s immigration plan. He believes we must secure our borders, not extend amnesty to illegal immigrants and deport criminal illegal immigrants immediately. These policy ideas havemajority support in the public. They are what Trump was elected to do. But to the left, they are beyond the pale.

Liberals will do everything they can to destroy Sessions (and Trump; see next item). And their despicable use of the race card is proof of their deep conviction to do so. In case anyone thought the nastiness ended with the election, it’s only going to get worse now that Trump has won.

Still In Love With Obama

Current and former Obama Administration insiders are planning to do all they can to ensure that the Trump presidency fails. Obama loyalists are meeting to plot their resistance to Trump’s administration.

These were people who were in tears, though for different reasons, both upon the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and the election of Donald Trump two weeks ago. A former White House staffer says Election Night felt like “a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. I went from hating everybody to hating myself for not really realizing what was happening.”

Their nightmare involves three more conservatives on the Supreme Court to make sure unborn babies are protected from the abortionist’s scalpel. Their nightmare is seeing religious liberty not having to bend to the LGBT movement.

One activist even referred to Obama as “Our Jesus Christ. We’re crazy. . . It’s 10 years later, and we’re still obsessed.” People close to Obama say he is committed to staying in touch with this group in the years ahead.

After a hard-fought election, most people are thinking about the holidays and their families. But these people, some of whom have spent most of their adult lives working for Obama, are strategizing about how to defeat Trump. Their plans include enacting redistricting reform, creating a progressive think tank and combatting climate change.

But as the attacks on Sen. Sessions show, the left isn’t taking any time off or reflecting on what they can do to win over all those Trump Democrats in Middle America. Instead, they’re back on the attack.

Conservatives must be ready. After we re-charge, we must get back into the battle.

More Cop Killings

Four police officers in three cities were shot last night. At least two of the shootings appear to be ambush-style assassination attempts. In one case, the officer was shot twice in the face at point blank range.

This raises the question: Are cops being targeted for assassination? If so, these shootings amount to a plot to take down the people who maintain law and order in our society.

In San Antonio, Police Chief William McManus said the death of a detective during a routine traffic stop was more than a random act. “I feel like we (police) were targeted,” he said. “I think the uniform was the target.”

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