It’s time for more Americans to train in defensive weapons use

by Mike Kapic 6/16/17

Barack Obama began to “fundamentally transform America” over eight years ago and he succeeded in empowering the people who actually run our government, extreme left-wing socialist bureaucrats, to disobey and resist any change that the new administration is trying to make. Hence the resistance and leaks.

Besides their elitist fixation on Russian interference, collusion, and obstruction, they have been paying thugs to destroy campus’s and private and public property in cities around the country. Now avowed left-wing Democrats are shooting American Congressmen and staff. And, as usual, the media is misplacing the blame.

While the Democrat Party implodes after losing the election, they are increasingly reacting not with civil discourse, but by violent rioting and shootings, all in the name of free speech, their speech. Assassinating the President in plays or a photo shoot of his severed head or calling for bombing the White House are examples of recent Dem’s rallying call for resistance. They’ve stopped using the traditional political method of give and take through negation, by switching to intimidation and violence.

But the shooting at the DC school yard this week, in San Bernardino, the gay bar in Florida, and others are indicative of Americans not being prepared for what is becoming more and more common.

Every single presidential assignation or mass shooting (Sandy Hook in CT, Rep. Gifford’s in Tucson, John Hinkley on Reagan, John Wilkes Booth, etc) were Democrats that had an extreme political ax to grind. And/or they were just plain nuts.

These are not regular or centrist Democrats, like our neighbors, but extreme left-wing, and some right-wing nuts too. This small number of deranged Americans include campus rioters or ‘safe space’ left-wingers, that are obsessed with rhetoric from left-wing elitist, academia, and media. They’re not using their God given gift of rationalizing the policies their disgruntled about. All of this can be fixed with the use of traditional negotiation rather than violence and usurping others rights. A Lefty operative, James Devine, in New Jersey has told people it’s time to #HuntRepublicans!

Many Americans carry pistols open and exposed, but millions more carry them concealed. We do that because we’re trained by professionals (mostly by police officers) on how to take down a crazed shooter. Statistically, a person with a gun stops more shootings across this country every day than there are shootings. On an order of magnitude of 4:1. Unfortunately, that’s not reported in the left-wing media.

Where there is increased gun ownership there is decreased crime. This is also true in countries like Switzerland and Netherlands and others.

It’s easy for us to become complacent while we go about our everyday lives of work, soccer games, grocery shopping…life, and forget to carry a weapon with us. Not being prepared for the unexpected could prove to be life-changing for us or our loved ones.

But this violence, it is coming from ISIS terrorists or extreme politico’s overdosing on false rhetoric; who will be next? And there will be a “next”. For normal Americans, the only way to remain safe is to learn how to safely and skillfully carry and use a gun. And then pray that we don’t have to ever use it.