[Editor: Here’s an example of truly caring for America’s future and stepping up to do something that is constructive is non-partisan. It’s not about the Party, but about American’s coming together to solve problems]

Illinois Dems Propose a BBA for Their State Constitution –

by Stuart MacPhail, April 2019

According to a report by the Illinois Policy Institute “Five Democratic members of the Illinois House of Representatives have sponsored a proposed constitutional amendment that would give the state a truly balanced budget.”

Illinois HJR Constitutional Amendment 27 now has 15 bipartisan sponsors and is pending in the House Rules Committee.  Among other things, the proposal provides that “expenditures for any fiscal year shall not exceed the State’s revenues and reserves, including proceeds of any debt obligation, for that year… and that no debt obligation, except as shall be repaid within the fiscal year of issuance, shall be authorized for the current operation of any State service or program.”

Illinois has severe debt problems, so such an amendment to that state’s constitution would be very wise.  Will it happen?  Not likely, but stay tuned.

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