The push for the United States to “globalize” is coming from all sides. Politico reported yesterday that President Obama and his staff are launching a campaign in America’s heartland to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership — an international trade deal opposed by both Republicans and Democrats for the permanent harm it could wreak on the average American worker. At the same time, the Daily Caller drew attention to a leaked memo from a George Soros-backed organization that described the “opportunity” the refugee crisis presents to promote a relaxation of international immigration laws.

The push towards globalization is dangerous for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most terrifying is the total elision of state and popular influence. In a “globalized” nation, the smaller entities within that nation — the states and the people themselves — have virtually no power or authority. State governments do not deal in international affairs, and thus have no importance in the global world.

Globalization may be nothing more than an attempt by the federal government to secure more control over the daily lives of American citizens.

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From Convention of States