By Leesa Williams 7/24/16

I think you would agree with me, that our country has changed.  To hear the Replublicans balking, everything is falling apart and if you listen to the Democrats, things are not that bad.  But when you listen to polls, well the common American is fed up with the way our elected officials operate and they want to wipe the slate clean.  So why the differing opinions between the two parties?

The Democrats believe that a bigger more robust government is the answer to all people on this planet…not just America.  The Democrats will not admit their policies are failing this country.  They think we as voters are just not “getting it”.  That we cannot apply ourselves, innovate and create or even help others.  No, only a big government can do that.  This government has grown at an amazing pace and yet we have more crisis in this country.  Why are the Democrats so determined to manipulate us into submission?  Could it be that the very Leftist Elites will be exposed for the frauds that they are?  Could it be that their way of life on our backs will be taken from them?  Is that the threat from Trump?  It must be a real threat because Hillary Clinton had a hard time against Bernie Sanders and is neck and neck with Donald Trump.

The Republicans want to remove some of the regulations strangling small business and entrepreneurs.  They want to remove wasteful spending – and what is wrong with that?  Why is wasteful spending a source of contention with Democrats?  What will they do when the “free” money source runs dry?  Republicans want to create opportunities for people to better themselves.  Republicans (or maybe I should just say middle America) just want freedom from government slavery.  Slavery is currently all around us in the form of “welfare” and regulations.  (Now there are some Americans who truly need welfare assistance and to THEM it was intended.)  To the rest who abuse the system, and claim to be a victim of society, you are not a victim but a slave because you chose to be dependent on someone else’s hard work and tax dollar.  And that is exactly where our current government wants to keep you-bound in chains and dependent on them.  Our current government does not want you to know that you can earn a living of potentially even more than you currently receive.  Regulations limit the movements of business to employ people based on their abilities.  And that is where our current government wants to keep employers-bound in chains, slaves to government regulations. Freedom comes from respect for others.  Freedom allows us to live our own lives.  Freedom allows us to choose where to send our children to school.  Freedom allows us to follow our faith and belief without the Elitist groups crying foul.  So why is freedom so alarming to the Democratic party?  Maybe because they really don’t want us to be free.  Their fear mongering seems to be proving my point.  Divide and conquer.  That seems to be what the Democrat party stands for.  Watch how many times in a Hillary Clinton speech will say “we are a democracy” (not a republic).  Hillary knows the definition of democracy vs. republic:  in a democracy, the majority rules and the minority have no protection.  A republic uses a constitution to hold the government accountable to the people.

What will happen to our form of government if Hillary Clinton is elected?  Democracy is a nice word to use when most of America does not know what she means when using it.  Her democracy sounds more like slavery to me.  Think about it.  This version of government NEEDS someone else to pay for all of the giveaways they are planning.  Which in turn keep the same people in power on the other side of the fence from the rest of us living in middle America.  It is a vicious cycle that will come to an end at some point.  Some will say “What’s the harm?” I guess it just depends on if you want to be free or a slave.