by the Convention of States, 9/13/16

The secrecy surrounding this year’s presidential race and the health of the two candidates pales in comparison to the secrecy the federal government tries to maintain. A new report from the Government Accountability Office revealed last week that federal agencies spend millions of dollars every year challenging legal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. From 2009 to 2014, the feds spent at least $144 million in their attempts to block 3,350 FOIA requests.These requests came from American citizens looking for information from their government, and they were met with hostility and legal action.

The feds work for the people. As such, they should be willing to surrender information to American citizens when it is not classified and does not compromise national security. The GAO report reveals that our federal government believes the people work for them.

Only one thing can change the attitude in our nation’s capital: an Article V Convention of States. A Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that restore the balance of power between the people at the federal government. These amendments can give the people real, effective recourse when the feds abuse their power and help keep Washington, D.C., transparent and responsive to the will of the people. Visit for more information.
[Editor: The federal government has grown to such a size that it is challenging the very people who put it in place in 1790. The government is telling us how we will live, work, worship, educate, protect our selves, and which truth to speak. It is time for us to take control of our destiny by calling for an amending convention. You can help by signing the petition to your local state representatives and senators to please support an amending convention. Go to Convention Of States help take our country back from the DC elites.]