The left can’t seem to rationalize their November loss. 

by Mike Kapic 1/27/17

On the run-up to the election, it’s apparent now, America’s polling industry did a terrible job and really missed the mark. The left thought they were a shoe in, but it turns out Americans in every place across the country except a few large, densely populated and failing cities, turned out to vote against the Establishment. Not for Trump, the Republican, but for Trump, the anti-establishment candidate.

The left was so arrogant about their chances to put a female socialist into the White House that they missed the pulse of America. And Trump had his finger on it.

They lost the election, yet they protest, not peacefully, but as thugs and terrorists, destroying businesses and ordinary people’s lives. What a waste. They stammer and stutter and point to smoke and mirrors when asked why their candidate lost. The violence, destruction, and name calling make them feel better, even though they’re not sure why; other than they don’t like President Trump. I believe they’re going to stay mad and throw tantrum’s, confirming the axiom, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result.” I don’t remember any such action by the right when Obama won and the Republicans were the losers. Oh yeah, their more reflective and restrained.

To give an example of the irrational thinking on the left, my wife and I listened to a talk show host interview two women who said they were the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington DC on the day after the inauguration. They said the reason they were marching was for women’s rights. The host asked them, very politely, which rights were being taken away? They repeated, “our rights. Women’s rights.” The host: “Yes, but which rights?” One of the women said, “well, we don’t have specific’s, just women’s rights.” Even after he said women were not losing any rights under a Trump administration, they countered that they were losing their rights. The poor naïve women were clueless, my wife said.

The far-left Democrats share a thread of anger at losing the election and not wanting to conduct an introspective analysis, as the Republican’s do every time they lose. The current losers deflect the real causes by blaming the Russian’s, racism, climate change, and deplorable xenophobe’s, none of which will change anything and ignores Hillary’s performance and history. The Party is divided and lost.

The expanding red areas of the country are indicative of Americans telling the establishment of Democrats and Republicans: No! Indeed, they stood up against the wishes of the elites in DC, the main-stream media, academia, federal employees, unions, crony-capitalists, and other special interest groups in DC who pander to the socialists in a few high-density enclaves. These Trump voters said it was time for a change in American governance.

When he entered the White House, President Obama was given an opportunity to perform his magic under some pretty awful conditions. He tried and it didn’t work out. Now it’s time to see if President Trump will equal or exceed that performance. It’s time for the left to adult-up and be a part of the solution and not the problem. Democrat Senator Schumer’s move from opposition to resistance is counterproductive, keeping DC divided. President Trump has reached out in an effort to help Democrats pass previously defeated sanctuary city legislation they promoted in 2006. And they respond with calls to resist him. Working together has always made America a better place.