By Mike Kapic

June 15, 2016

The Republican Party has lost its way and is living up to its nickname as the party of ‘stupid’. It is aligning itself with the party of ‘evil’, the Democrats. Both are joined at the hip thus becoming ‘the establishment’. It’s business as usual in DC as the elite politicians fiddle while DC burns. None of them are listening to America! They’re stuck in their business as usual mode: waxing the rails of crony-capitalism, giving loop-speeches, running for re-election, ignoring the bureaucracy, ignoring the American people as the debt climbs and our freedoms deteriorate. Shame on us.

The Republican party looks like a star burst, heading in all directions. There’s no one to unify the lemmings.

The only solution is for the We the People to Decide to take their country back. Neither Trump or Clinton (Bernie?—naw) can achieve that. In fact, if men like Lincoln or Reagan were to return, they couldn’t fix what’s broken in DC. Sure they’d bring character back to the White House, but even these giants couldn’t repair the broken mess.

What’s broken is beyond politics and goes all the way to our basic foundation: The Constitution.

The only solution is an amending convention by the states through Article V, and ultimately the people, to curb the politicians, lobbyists, and bureaucrats by adding term limits on Congresses and SCOTUS, limit taxing and spending via a cap as a percent of GDP, and to make the alphabet agencies responsible to the American people. Go to and for more information.