Dear Patriot,

May 20, 2022

Hunting for our liberty is not a simple or easy task. The blows are landing. But there comes a time when we have to say, ‘enough already.’ It’s time to step up. To be the next Patrick ‘give me liberty or give me death’ Henry.

Large ships may be driven with strong engines through rough seas and fierce winds. But they are steered by a small rudder controlled by one person. There are times when one person made a difference (Jesus and His Chosen Twelve) to spread the Truth. A soldier’s leader, George Washington, led volunteers across the Delaware River on Christmas Eve. James Madison led 55 delegates over the hot, sweltering summer of 1787 to debate and compose a proposal to reform the young Nation.

We have been given an opportunity by God and our Founders and we should take advantage.

With that said, Hunt For Liberty needs some old fashion help loading cannon fodder and muskets black powder. We’re searching for a few good people with natural talents and trained skills to helping us with a Hunt For Liberty movement. We’re looking for folks who want to explore their passions by writing or editing essays revealing hope, solutions, America, the Constitution, and government or faction unconstitutional malfeasance. We also need web design and tech skills to compliment these and other tasks.

Join us in driving America back to its founding principles. To returning this Nation to God and to the consent of the governed, we the people.

Contact us at for a conversation.


Mike Kapic