Democratic Candidates Push “Medicare For All” at AARP Forum

By Robert B. Charles   July 17, 2019

Democratic presidential candidates seem convinced a leftward rush is the ticket to success in 2020.  That is how they aim to beat President Trump, who produced the best economy in 50 years, has strong national security credentials, a moral compass for the Supreme Court – and is reforming healthcare through the private sector.

The biggest Democratic bell-ringer is “Medicare for all,” which kicks 180 million Americans off employer and private plans, takes your doctor away (no more false promises!), and reduces access and quality at one time, saddling America with a $32 trillion-dollar bill.

Do you know how many zeros are in a trillion?  How many hard-earned taxpayer dollars are in 32 trillion?  That is more than 10 Iraq and Afghanistan wars, one and a half times the entire American gross national product, two-thirds of all the money in all the world’s central banks today.  If you are still un-phased, I have some swamp land to sell you.  In short, this is nonsense – all America’s money for worse medical care and breadlines.

Here is the part that will make you laugh – or maybe cry.  People are being sold a bill of goods, and national organizations are buying it, some even selling it.  This week, AARP hosted an event in Iowa that brought out Democratic candidates, and what emerged from the event?

A Democratic commitment to taking away private health care and giving it “lock, stock and barrel” (can we still say that?) to the federal government.  AARP reported glowingly on its forum, which showcased multiple Democrats defending socialized medicine, dressed up as care for those who find it hard to afford treatments and drugs.

Let’s cut to the chase – speaking truth about the future, and to those who want to preserve the America’s private health care system.  Republicans have long advocated a variety of reforms, which center around lowering prescription prices (which President Trump has signed Executive Orders and issued regulations to do), addressing pre-existing conditions with networks of private groups, and assuring catastrophic health insurance, a safety net.

Interestingly, legislation on this order has been pressed by Republicans back to George Herbert Walker Bush but opposed by Obamacare Democrats who said it did not go far enough giving control and taxpayer money to the federal government.

Here is the hard truth, which those Democratic candidates and AARP wishes not to discuss:  If current “Medicare for all” legislation – bad medicine for money we do not have – were to become law, the impact on America would be devastating.

Specifically, “Medicare for all” legislation carnival-barking promotors want – S. 1129 in the Senate and companion House legislation – is a travesty.  It creates a massive government entity to review ALL your medical claims (efficient right?), with one-size-fits-all coverage (because we are all identical, right?), new prosecution of good doctors, hospitals, private and state level providers (because they need them prosecuted, right?), and states: “It shall be unlawful for … a private health insurer to sell health insurance coverage … or … an employer to provide benefits …” So, gone is your existing plan, doctor, and coverage level – poof!

But it gets worse.  The federal government will decide if your coverage is “medically necessary or appropriate.”  In a hurry?  Sit down and wait.  Need something others want?  Take a ticket.  Enjoy the idea of rationing?  Step right up.

Moreover, the federal government would be entitled to still charge you more for prescription drugs, commit people over the age of 21, disapprove doctors and providers, demand your invoice in 30 days or you lose coverage, and demand that doctors start ratting on (testifying again) each other.  The old Soviets might like this, but not most Americans.

Add weak fraud and abuse provisions, mass tracking of private individuals’ health, amateur anti-bribery provisions, and that $32 trillion-dollar price tag – roughly one and a half times America’s annual net worth.  And where does that money come from?  Not the tooth fairy – who is also probably up for prosecution, but the middle class.  In short:  From you.

So, when Democratic candidates cheer for a seemingly Soviet-style form of medicine, at ungodly, largely incomprehensible cost – borne by you and me – and the approach is glibly promoted by big organizations like AARP, one must wonder.  Who would be served by such a travesty?  Maybe that ubiquitous, Orwellian-shaped federal government, more bureaucrats and big pro-government groups, but not average Americans.  And there is the rub.  We are the voters still, right?  I certainly hope so.