Europe’s Energy Crisis

October 5, 2022|Environment|

Europe’s Energy Crisis Approaches Breaking Point By Daniel Berman - September 16, 2022 While gas prices have declined in the United States in recent weeks (although they still remain more than 35% higher than when Biden took office) [...]

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Climate Change Emergency?

September 29, 2022|Environment|

News flash: There is no climate change emergency! By Paul S. Gardiner - September 10, 2022 There is no climate change emergency, human-caused or otherwise, according to over 1,100 objective, truth-seeking scientists and professionals from over 35 countries.  Many of the scientists [...]

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DC: Heating Without Gas

September 19, 2022|Energy|

Let’s Talk About Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Looming Gas Pains  Leftist politicians and activists rarely ponder the foreseeable consequences of their actions, and typically demand solutions paid for by others. By Craig Rucker – September 2, 2022 4 MIN [...]

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Mouthwash Prevents Covid-19

September 13, 2022|Health|

Hospital Study Shows This Can Prevent COVID-19 Infection The dramatic results from this hospital study showed a simple, at-home strategy can effectively prevent COVID-19 even better than the jab By Joseph Mercola – September 3, 2022 STORY AT-A-GLANCE [...]

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A Balanced Budget Attempt

September 12, 2022|Debt|

30 Years Ago President Bush: "The American People are Fed Up...Government is too Big and Spends too Much...Encourage your Congressman to...Pass a BBA Address to the Nation on the Balanced Budget Amendment By George HW Bush - June [...]

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Covid Fraud

September 8, 2022|Health|

                    by Mike Kapic - September 2, 2022 Real people who care for the sick, like the Australian nurse in the video, and every other care-giver around the world [...]

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