100 Schools in 10 Years!

November 9, 2022|Education|

Iman Alleyne of Kind Academy. PHOTO: Kerry McDonald ‘100 Schools in 10 Years’, Award-Winning Microschool Founder Shares Her Vision Iman Alleyne is ready to tackle her big dream of building a sweeping Kind Academy microschool network. [...]

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Solution for Economy

October 25, 2022|Debt|

U.S. needs fiscal responsibility amendment by Barry W. Poulson - October 2, 2022 In August, the inflation rate came in at 8.3% — well above expectations in financial markets, triggering a sharp selloff in securities. Investors hoped that lower [...]

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Europe’s Energy Crisis

October 5, 2022|Environment|

Europe’s Energy Crisis Approaches Breaking Point By Daniel Berman - September 16, 2022 While gas prices have declined in the United States in recent weeks (although they still remain more than 35% higher than when Biden took office) [...]

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Charter School War

October 3, 2022|Education|

Democrats’ War On Charter Schools Is Sending Families Into The Arms Of Republicans Democrats continuing to wage war on schools outside their chokehold is going to hurt them in the upcoming midterm elections. By Jennifer Stefano – September [...]

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Climate Change Emergency?

September 29, 2022|Environment|

News flash: There is no climate change emergency! By Paul S. Gardiner - September 10, 2022 There is no climate change emergency, human-caused or otherwise, according to over 1,100 objective, truth-seeking scientists and professionals from over 35 countries.  Many of the scientists [...]

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DC: Heating Without Gas

September 19, 2022|Energy|

Let’s Talk About Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Looming Gas Pains  Leftist politicians and activists rarely ponder the foreseeable consequences of their actions, and typically demand solutions paid for by others. By Craig Rucker – September 2, 2022 4 MIN [...]

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