…because the government can’t protect you, you have to do it yourself

by Mike Kapic 9/22/16

The mammoth bureaucratic agency, Department of Homeland Security, has recently mistaken over 1800 criminals, ready for deportation, as worthy of citizenship. I’m not kidding. A monumental bureaucratic mistake. Which translates into, “can we trust our government to do its job.” The simple answer is, NO!

And that’s because its history is deplorable and mistake ridden with failure after failure. The FBI had identified the killers of Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Boston Marathon, and the recent NJ/NY bombings plus others before their violent acts actually occurred, but didn’t act on them. For whatever reason, they ignored all the politically incorrect signs.

A recent Heritage.org post wrote the following:

Terror plots since 2015 have resulted in greatest loss of life on U.S. soil since 9/11.
Multiple attacks across the country this past weekend remind us that we cannot become complacent as the threat of terrorism rises in the U.S. and around the world. Not including these new events still under investigation, the U.S. homeland has faced 89 Islamist terror plots and attacks since 9/11 and 25 since the start of 2015. Constant vigilance is necessary. We must continue to ensure that U.S. intelligence and law enforcement organizations at federal, state, and local levels have the tools and information they need to stop terrorism before it strikes. Heritage scholars have outlined a comprehensive plan to prevent future domestic terror attacks.

President Obama asked the world from the podium at the UN last week to help expand open borders to free Syrian’s from their war without consideration for Americans opinion. The polls show American’s believe these refugees offer a threat to the country’s security and the proof is there. ISIS has stated that it will infiltrate the ranks of immigrants moving across borders and create violence to advance its cause of a caliphate. It has publicly stated that terrorists will subterfuge into the ranks of innocent immigrants in Europe or the US to fulfill its plan to dominate the world.

During his UN speech Obama compared the helpless Jews escaping from the Nazi Germany during WWII with the Syrian refugees. Except that he didn’t mention that the Jews had no intention of blowing up NJ/NY or shooting anyone at Fort Hood, or detonating a bomb during the Boston marathon. All conveniently left out of his diatribe.

We listen to silly statements from the left wing Democrats (as opposed to the centrist Democrats) that claim our biggest enemy is the weather, not hidden radicals in the tens of thousands of immigrants the Obama Administration and Hilary camp want to see come to this county. Why? So they can kill us? Seems reasonable. The reality is that left-wing Democrats need their votes.

It’s time for every critical thinking American to carry a gun. One hundred million now have guns and it’s time for the rest of America to arm and protect themselves from policies that will and are killing our fellow citizens. If your state allows open carry, carry open. If you’d be more comfortable, like me, to carry concealed, carry concealed. But carry every day! Buy a pistol that you like and that fits you and take a course not only on how to use it, but also learn how to defend yourself and not become a victim of any violent action that statistically is growing and not in your favor. Not being a victim, should be every American’s mantra.

You don’t have to get involved in shooting sports. You just have to have the ability to protect yourself from some thug who wants to take control of you or your family’s life. And if you want to say no to the thug, arm yourself. Unfortunately, it is the only way. Statistically, you’ll never pull it out of your holster or purse, but you would have been trained on how to use it. Whether you are fifteen years old or eighty-five, your life has value. Help save America.

Grassroots organizations, from centrist too right-wing citizens, numbering in the millions of Americans across the country are working selflessly to organize ordinary citizens, to become liberty activists and to prepare and help take our country back from the 10-20% leftist Democrats who are stealing are stealing it from under our noses. These leftists want to do away with free speech and take our guns and ammo away from us, enabling them to “fundamentally chang America”. They want more government, not less. You can counter the Marxist collectivism of the left, by buying a pistol and learning how to use it. They’ll hate and vilify you for it, but your freedom to speak your opinion and defend yourself is still a part of America…for the moment. Buying a gun will be the best investment for you and your family’s preservation. Don’t be a victim of the political elite left.