by Mike Kapic

The way the media is ganging up on Trump and portraying Clinton as the clear winner it’s a wonder, according to the left, why we’re even bothering to have an election.

Sure, Trump has made some un-defendable statements, but they’re just that, statements. Not criminal deeds like Miss Hillary’s actual crimes that run the gauntlet from minor to major infractions while being protected by our FBI and Justice agencies.

The truth has been exposed in recently released videos and emails from a variety of sources all of which has not been denied by Clinton or the DNC. How can the Democrats, for instance, deny visible evidence of voter fraud? Or criminal acts of violence orchestrated by paid thugs hired by the DNC (they were fired when their actions became apparent). How does the DNC or Hillary deny the emails inviting the liberal press to luncheons intended to solicit their help in electing Hillary “because their candidate is weak”?

Podesta emails show Hillary asking for “ducks on the ground” at Trump rallies and “by god, we’ll have ducks on the ground” stated the DNC operatives in replies to Podesta.

Let’s take a look at the evidence beginning with the polls.

All of the polls, ABC, WSJ, NBC, etc, show that Hillary’s ahead by big, yet shrinking numbers. But expert statisticians and actuaries have looked at the sampling and determined that most of the polls reveal strange results. These experts tell us that to get accurate polling, the pollster usually return to the same samples and not to new or different populations. That way the numbers are consistent and not roaming all over the place. They also say that input equals output and if the pollster weights the questions, the answers will reflect that: garbage in, garbage out.

A small team of actuarial and statistics professionals took a look at a couple of the recent polls to get their take on the reliability of these polls. They selected the recent FOX poll from October 14 showing Hillary up by 7 and the WSJ/NBC poll from October 16 showing Hillary with an 11-point lead. It is hard work for pollsters to design an accurate poll and it takes time to develop and research the questions. Unless, of course, they want predetermined answers. In today’s high stakes political atmosphere, it’s pretty hard to find a credible or honest pollster.

Their first observation was that both polls were heavily skewed towards Democrats. At a high level, the FOX poll consisted of 43 Dems to 36 Reps to 21 Other, while the NBC poll shows 44 Dems to 37 Reps to 19 Other. By selecting more Dems, the polls are designed to provide a Dem result.

Experts next analyzed the data and calculated results using the same data from the two surveys on a split of 40 Dems, 40 Reps and 20 Other. The results show that using either sets of data Trump comes out ahead with a larger margin of victory using the FOX data.

Here’s Gary Bauer’s take from Campaign for Working

My friends, here’s the bottom line: Polling is increasingly being used by the left as propaganda to demoralize conservatives. Big media is doing its best to manipulate voters — to rig the election. Don’t let your friends and family members fall for it. The only poll that matters is the one that takes place on November 8th!

Clearly the polls using data that is heavily weighted towards Democrats, results are incorrectly skewed.

Except in the Rasmussen’s polls, where the experts said they were truly balanced by population and did not ask leading questions.

Earlier, in an August 18 2016 report, Sharyl Atttkisson, showed that when Trump was compared to Romney at this same point in the 2012 race, and by using the skewed Democratic numbers, Trump is actually ahead of Romney by almost 2:1.

She also reported that in a recent Washington Post/ABC poll the questions were asked of 10%  more people who identify as Dem’s than  Rep’s. And surprise, surprise, Clinton leads by 8% in that poll. These are the so-called reputable polls everyone assumed would be fair and honest. I guess not.

Polls in the 1932, ’36, and ’40 election showed a close race, but FDR took them with a landslide. Brixit was behind in 2016. Truman was behind in ‘48. Reagan was behind Carter. Geo HW Bush behind Dukakis by 17 points as the elections neared. Most polls cannot be considered reliable during presidential elections. But the media fund and vote Democratic 96% of the time and they’re making money right now.

Pew is considered a member of a small group of honest pollster’s and has recently verified Trumps accusation of voter fraud across the country. From comedian Mort Sahl, “I’ve arranged with my executor to be buried in Chicago. Because when I die, I want to still remain active politically.”

Pew estimates that 1.8 million nationally registered voters are deceased. That 2.8 million live in two or more states. And that a total of 24 million (felons, illegals) registered voters don’t belong on voter rosters. Why is it when the facts are laid out at the feet of the Dems, they deny there is any voter fraud? Why is a valid ID required for almost everything we do in America except voting?

Let’s look  rally attendance next. The “locker room talk” video doesn’t seem to be keeping women or men from showing up at Trump events in the tens of thousands. How about Hillary or Kaine’s rally? A recent report shows hundreds at Hillary rally’s and, today, 30 turned out for Kaine.

The media did report that there were considerably more Republicans voting in the primaries than Democrats. By factors of 5, 10, and even 20. Dems just didn’t show up to vote. In fact, Republicans broke records in getting out the vote. That should be an indication of what the election holds for the candidates.

The Dems have attacked Trump for the way he treats or “locker room” talking about women. To be fair, we should recall that this is the exact same tactic used by the Dems in the ‘80’s to attempt to discredit Reagan’s Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. The exact same sex scandal tactic using Anita Hill as the bait, but it didn’t work then either. They did, however, find another way to snub the Justice: they did not include him in the new African-American museum in DC.

Next, let’s look at which Republicans are switching to Hillary over Trump and why. We have to ask ourselves why 200 Republican ex-high level government bureaucrats and White House administrators, don’t want to support Trump. Why Mitt Romney, Sen John McCain and Geo HW Bush, and others say they won’t support Trump. When Speaker Paul Ryan waffles over his support for Trump, we have to wonder why.

What do these people know that we don’t? After all they’re the experts on DC politics. Oh, maybe that’s it. They’re at a level of expertise to be fully vetted members of the Establishment. They’re all part of the Republican and Democratic elite politicians in DC that actually want to keep the corruption and corporate welfare programs going because they benefit from them. They are what has become known as the Establishment.

McCain, Ryan, G H W Bush, are part and parcel with Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and Nancy Polsi of the Establishment of DC. The EDC. This group also includes the CEO’s of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Big Corporations, Big Unions, Big Lobbyist’s, Big Entertainment, Big Media, Big Banks, Big Sports, all trying to maintain the status quo. They’re all part of the Establishment. Why? Because they have a comfortable seat at the government table that benefits them at our expense. No wonder the economy isn’t responding to the Fed.

Aren’t we trying to end the DC elitism that has annulled many of our liberties and freedoms? Isn’t that what we’re trying to end? So, when RINO’s and Dems collude to fix the game with the aid of government, it’s called crony-capitalism and they win and we lose. Too big to fail is a term used only under the Obama Administration and includes them and not us. “Us” is there to bail them out.

What conclusions can we draw from all of this? The EDC is trying to keep its foot on our throats and Trump is, honestly, trying to take it off and give a us a fighting chance. Trump is not the person I had picked for this fight, but he’s who is fighting for us now so we have to see it through. According to Rasmussen, Trump is going to win, big time.

Big Media is telling us what they want us to believe in an attempt to brow beat us into supporting their candidate, Hillary. With America’s help, Donald could prevail in a landslide. It’s not unheard of. The truth is, if Hillary and not Donald becomes President, we’ll witness a third term of Barack Obama or even worse.

For a look see at Trumps Contract with America, go to about 15:00 on this video clip and begin watching what will happen in the first 100 days of a Trump Presidency: