Parental alert: Protective Intelligence and Assessment

By Specialist Consultant Lyle Rapacki, 9/10/16

I conducted an Aug. 17 closed-door intelligence briefing in the Arizona Senate with the assistance of a subject-matter medical expert, providing detailed intelligence and a medical presentation depicting a growing number of states in the US now confronting medical challenges never before encountered. These challenges are in direct measure due to the continuing and unchecked flow of illegals from many South American and South Central countries, as well as from Middle Eastern Islamic countries – with virtually NO medical screening. I reported that 12 states including Arizona were experiencing new medical challenges with parasites, bacteria, and skin lesions not previously known to our medical professionals. It is imperative that State and local officials prepare protocols to respond to unusual outbreaks, and consider setting aside funds to assist county and state health departments for a potentially large increase in activity. My briefing packet has since been distributed publicly to inform parents and citizens. See the United Kingdom” primary-school-kids-struck-down-with-biblical-flesh-rotting-skin-disease, describing two cases of possible Leprosy in Riverside, California. ‘

Prior to this public reporting, my medical expert and I submitted a full report privately to some elected officials on this matter. We chose to not report on the incident until more conclusive evidence surfaced. Specimens from the exposed children have been rushed to a lab in Louisiana for formal diagnosis, which should be reached within two weeks. Since my briefing, five additional states now have medical challenges for a total of 17 states. Some of the challenges have been contained and even aggressively addressed. Other issues are still unfolding. America is certainly undergoing “change” but the results are scary and not-so-good. Additional information: what-is-leprosy and parents-demand-answers-after-jurupa-valley-leprosy-scare


[Editor: This appeared in the members only MCRC Briefs News & Updates 9/10/16. The question we have to ask is: Why do the states have to take the brunt of Obama’s misguided and lawless policy? The taxpayers are paying the wages of officers who’ve been told to stand down. And now we have to pay to wrestle in the consequences of the bad policies. When will the nonsense end?]