An Urgent Immediate Call For County Ordinances & State Laws

by Paul S. Gardiner – March 6, 2023

There is an urgent immediate need for specially crafted county ordinances and state laws to protect American citizens from the totalitarian dictates of the international World Health Organization (WHO). As early as May 2023, due to a voluntary loss of US sovereignty by the Biden administration, the WHO will have authority to dictate medical practice and treatments in America under WHO-declared pandemic situations which can be manufactured at will by WHO supporters and intermediaries.

In other words, WHO “elite” leaders and supporters (who include the Communist Chinese Party) will be able to dictate what American physicians, hospitals, health care workers, etc. can and cannot do during a pandemic. It is well documented that the so-called global “elites” plan to establish a one-world government (the “Great Reset”) primarily through the health dictates/mandates of the WHO. Thus, for all concerned patriotic Americans, this is a completely untenable development that must be fought “tooth and nail”.

According to well known Harvard attorney, Dr. Francis Boyle,

in May 2023, the United States will most likely become a signatory to a WHO international agreement (via presidential executive agreement — sometimes called a treaty) giving that organization the authority described above. Dr Boyle further explains that even if America does not become a signatory to the agreement, the WHO will gain authority over American health care and physicians during a pandemic through amendments to international health regulations first established in 2005. These amendments do not require US congressional approval to become effective.

Thus, either by executive agreement or amended WHO international health care regulations, it appears that the WHO will gain control over the actions of American doctors, hospitals, health care providers, etc., during pandemic situations. Among other things, this is very problematic when one realizes that the WHO receives funding and direction from the Communist Chinese Party that can cause pandemics to occur whenever it desires.

Dr Boyle suggests that absent outright withdrawal from the WHO (as President Trump did in 2020), the only possible defense against WHO control and regulations is for county and state governments to enact county ordinances and state laws that clearly and definitively state, among other things, that their jurisdictions will not abide by WHO regulations and policies during pandemic situations or other health emergencies. Such actions will probably lead to litigation, but as Dr Boyle states, ” the fight is worth it and must happen!”

In summary, there is an urgent immediate need for county ordinances and state laws that protect Americans from the totalitarian dictates of the international World Health Organization. There is no time to waste in drafting these ordinances and state laws so that they can hopefully become effective no later than April 30, 2023.

Paul S. Gardiner is a retired Army officer, Vietnam veteran, and avid lover of America. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, and the US Army War College.

[Ed: Outside control of America’s healthcare is a slippery slope. Could the WHO bureaucrats ultimately take over Medicare, Medicaid & private healthcare?]