We the People of these United States have allowed ourselves to become divided into two distinct factions: those who hate America and those who love it.

By Mike Kapic – July 4, 2022


In August of 2019, the Old Gray Lady, a.k.a. the NYTimes, published an invention of their own making depicting America’s founding historical dates as incorrect, wrong. They said that 1619 was the real beginning of America as we know it.

Others, such as Howard Zinn and his The Peoples History of the U.S., taught millions of Americas public schools students that the popular history of America described an ugly place.

The Left’s push to crush the real history with a false narrative is problematic and it explains why generations, particularly since the 1960s, have been openly turning against America. Their Progressive movements origin was seeded in the late 19th century. Progressivism matured in the early 20th century with leaders such as Teddy Roosevelt, Margret Sanger and Woodrow Wilson, among others.

This anti-American stimulus has continued to grow over the decades within academia, K-12, and infecting influential segments of society to accept un-American philosophy such as the misleading critical race theory rhetoric.

It has relied on the techniques of the defective Marx/Engels theory of socialism, communism or unionism. The basic principle relies on the control of a seduced collective by a sectarian elite rather than by our Declaration’s call for individual liberty through which the laws of nature and Natures God entitle them.

Those who hate America are rewriting our history to fit their political narrative and not the truth. They claim that America has always been a class struggle by the people.

The Truth will set you free.

John 8:32

It is time for True Americans to take a stand and defend the many who have sacrificed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for this Nation. We’ve allowed our Constitutional foundation to incur fissures, cracks, and blemishes that must and can be repaired. But what is it that must be repaired?

Let’s start with our recognition and acceptance of the main pillars of American exceptionalism. I draw an excerpt from A Patriot’s History of the United States by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen. It can be found in America’s classrooms elbowing several revisionist American history books for position.

A Patriot’s History of the United States:

In fact, America is an exceptional nation, not because its people are inherently superior, smarter, braver, or more moral, but because it is the only nation on earth that, from its founding, rested on four “pillars” that no other nation shared. The first two pillars focus on religion and small government politics, and the second two are economic pillars that support the first two. These “Pillars of American Exceptionalism” are as follows:

  1. The country originated in a Christian, mostly Protestant religious tradition that valued a bottom-up church governance called “congregationalism.” From their first appearance in the early 1600s, Puritans believed that individual church congregations, not a church hierarchy such as a presbytery, an archbishop, or a pope, should set local church policy. Of course, heresy (deemed as ideas that were too far outside the mainstream of Puritan thinking) was not permitted, but instead of being burned at the stake, heretics in early American colonies were simply shown the door and shooed off to another place. No other Protestant nation had such an origin. The Pilgrims and the Puritans, later followed by other congregationalists, thus instilled in the colonies (the United States) a bias toward democracy and government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”
  2. Another factor, “common law,” reinforced the “bottom-up” structures of government. Common law originated with medieval Germanic tribes, then gravitated to England, before settlers brought it over to the colonies. It held that God put the law in the hearts of the people, and they in turn elected or selected rulers who reflected that “general will.” This was in direct contrast to the other European nations that followed the practice of “divine right of kings,” in which God placed all authority in the hands of the monarch and people had to act accordingly. That was a top-down form of government later cemented across Europe by Napoleon in the Napoleonic Code
  3. The third pillar involves the right to own private property with written titles and deeds. Coming through English tradition in the Middle Ages, the respect for private property spread to the common man from the upper classes through written titles and deeds that were harder (though not impossible) for a monarch to ignore or violate. Their economic value was immense, as one’s property could be used as collateral for loans, ensuring exceptional business growth not found in other parts of the world. Moreover, this pillar supported widespread respect for the law because anyone could acquire property protected by the government.
  4. The final pillar, capitalism, came in 1776 with the publication of The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, but took until the 1790s to fully reach American shores. The free markets undergirded America’s penchant for the protection of individual rights and the distaste for “big government” in that free markets relied on individual choice, not market direction, to advance the economy.

Taken together, these four pillars made America truly an exceptional nation among all those in the world.

American’s have a long and storied history from the migration of the world’s peoples, cultures and races to this land. They left persecution, slavery of all kinds, class struggles, poverty, and willingly joined others in a system that guaranteed them “unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Hope lies on the horizon if we come together and unify in our effort, as we have in the past, to return this Nation to Nature’s God and to the consent of the governed.

We honor those today who created and then built the only and very unique and exceptional Nation ever, The United States of America. Let’s come together and rebuild our Nation to keep the Promise of Exceptionalism for the generations yet to come.

Happy 246th Birthday, America!