Are Democrats Bracing For All-Out ‘Internecine Warfare?’

March 22, 2018   |   By John Grimaldi   AMAC

WASHINGTON, DC – Do you get the feeling that the Democratic Party appears to be moving further and further to the left, adopting what some would call “extreme” socialist policies and even turning against the moderates in the party?  Well, it is.  Just look at what happened to one of the most popular Democrats in Congress, Dianne  Feinstein.  She has served her California constituency for some 26 years, winning election after election since 1992.  But, she was unable to win an endorsement at the recent California Democratic Party convention, losing to a relatively unknown progressive contender

Feinstein has plenty of cash in her campaign coffers and is likely to defeat the party’s official candidate, leftist President Pro Tem of the California Senate, Kevin de León, in the state’s primaries on June 5.  And, she will probably ultimately win reelection for a sixth term.  But the going might be tough for her this time around.  De León won the state party’s backing because he is a dyed-in-the-wool progressive and the State of California has unabashedly become more and more progressive in recent years, in case you hadn’t noticed.

But what about the rest of the country?  Sure, Trump voters are still staunchly conservative.  Democrats, on the other hand, are adopting attitudes that are more progressive than ever before.  The Pew Research Center polled 5,000 Americans and found that the views of those who call themselves Democrats are more radical in their thinking than when the survey was first conducted in 1994.

For example, in 1994 only about 39% of Democrats believed that racism was the reason African-Americans are held back in the workplace because of their color.  The most recent report shows that 64% buy into that notion today.  Likewise, only 32% of Democrats believed that immigration was good for the country in 1994 but today fully a whopping 84% think immigrants – whether legal or illegal – strengthen the nation.

Pew concluded that “the divisions between Republicans and Democrats on fundamental political values – on government, race, immigration, national security, environmental protection and other areas – reached record levels during Barack Obama’s presidency.  In Donald Trump’s first year as president, these gaps have grown even larger.”

Certainly, the slide to the far left is largely due to “hatred” for President Trump.  In fact, there are many who believe that Senator Feinstein did not get her state party’s endorsement because she refused to back an effort in Congress to impeach President Trump and, instead, asked for his detractors to have “patience.”

Her challenger, de León, wasted no time in voicing his opinion of Ms. Feinstein’s sense of “moderation and pragmatism” in dealing with Mr. Trump.   He told reporters that “we don’t owe Trump patience.  We owe Californians resistance.”

Here’s the question: is the Democratic Party on the verge of an internecine war?  The telltale signs are certainly there. As Houston prepared for the nation’s first midterm primaries on March 6, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) publicly lashed out at the party’s progressive candidate for the House seat held by Republican John Culberson.  The Committee made public opposition research seeking to taint the candidacy of progressive party member and activist Laura Moser, calling her a “Washington insider.”  The DCCC’s blatant intra-party meddling was met with resounding fury from the far left.  And so, despite the committee’s best efforts to defeat Moser, the progressive bloc gave her enough votes to force a runoff against the mainstream Democratic candidate, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher.

Meanwhile, Senator Bernie Sanders’ ally, Nina Turner, president of Our Revolution, which has been described as a social democratic political action organization, issued this statement: “The DCCC has lost touch with its base. Despite facing continued losses, they have yet to realize that the path to the majority requires supporting diverse candidates who hold progressive values.”

Meanwhile, billionaire socialist George Soros continues to do the best he can to disrupt America’s traditional political heritage by blatantly spending millions of dollars on behalf of like-minded progressives and socialists in grass roots elections.  Most recently, the big spender has been backing far-left candidates for local district attorney elections with the aim of creating a mechanism to re-direct our criminal justice system.  He is said to have already influenced eleven or more DA elections across the U.S.